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New Born Unique and Beautiful Palestinian Boy Names by H. Get Palestinian Baby Boy Names That Starts From Alphabet H

List of Muslim baby names of Palestinian origin. Names are listed Alphabetically and gender-wise. There are many religions in Palestinian origin, but our website is dedicated to Helping parents of the Muslim Community to choose baby names for newborn kids. Choose the best name from the list below for your little one.

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Palestinian Boy Names Alphabetically


Name Meaning
Haabeel Name Of The Son Of Hazrat Aadam (Adam),The Biblical Abel Is The English Language Equivalent
Haad The Leader
Haadee The Guide,Leader; Guide; Allah’s Attribute
Haadhir Present,Attending
Haadi A Director,A Leader,A Guide,Director,Leader,Guide To Righteousness
Haadii Example,Leader
Haadin Guide
Haady Guiding To The Right
Haafidheen Protector; Guardian
Haafidhoon Protector
Haafil TBD
Haafiz Guardian; Preserver; one who commits the entire Qur'aan to memory.
Haail Scary,Big,Great
Haaiz Haaiz Is An Arabic Name For Boys That Means Acquirer,Getter
Haajarah Name Of The Beloved Mother Of Ismaa’eel (Alayhis Salaam)
Haajeeth Beautiful
Haaji A Person That Had Done The Hajj
Haajib Doorkeeper,Chamberlain,Eyebrow
Haajid Doing Tahajjud Prayer,Add Meaning
Haakim One Who Is Wise ; Intelligent,Wise,Healer,Physician,Ruler,Sovereign
Haalik Purity
Haalim Grown Up
Haamed One Who Offers Approval
Haami A Protector,A Patron,Helper,Supporter,Defender,Protector,Patron
Haamid One Who Praises And Glorifies Allah,Praising (God),Loving (God),Praising (god),Loving (god),One Who Praises Allah,Praiser (of Allah),Grateful,From Kikuyu
Haamim Another Name For Prophet Muhammad
Haamiz Intelligent
Haanee Happy,Delighted,Content
Haani Happy,Delighted,Content,Happy; Delighted
Haanii Happy
Haanish One Who Is Delighted
Haarib TBD
Haarij The Horizon; Strong; Secure; Guarded
Haaris Friend,Ploughman; Planter,Planter,Ploughman,Vigilant,Watchman
Haarisah Guard,Protector
Haarith Plowman,Old Arabic Name,Plowman; Old Arabic Name,Ploughman,Tiller
Haaroon Chief; protector; guard; the wealth of the entire universe, A prophet's name
Haaroon A Prophet's name
Haarun Lofty, hope, a prophet's name
Haashid TBD
Haashim Generosity, Generosity,prophet's grandfather
Haashim One Who Smashes Or Breaks Anything To Pieces
Haashim Name of the Prophet's grandfather, Old Arabic name
Haashir Gatherer
Haasim Decisive; Dwefinite
Haasyim Generous,Attacker
Haatib A Person Who Collects Wood,Name Of A Sahabi Who Participated In The Battle Of Badr,He Was The Messenger Of The Holy Prophet (peace Be Upon Him) To The Ruler Of Egypt,
Haatim Judge,Unavoidable
Haayi Haayi Is An Arabic Name For Boys That Means Modest,Bashful
Haazim Precautious,Name Of A Sahabi
Haaziq Intelligent,Skillfull,Skilful
Haba Favourite
Habaab Aim; Goal
Habab Aim,Goal,End,Fine Dust
Habaq Habaq Is An Arabic Name For Boys And Girls That Refers To A Group Of Plants Known As Ocimum In English,The Best Known Plant Among Which Is Basil
Habash It Means They Resemble A Guinea Fowl,Guinea Hen,Guinea Fowl,,Turkey,A Tabaee (successor Of The Companions) Was So Named,A Tabaee (Successor Of The Companions) Was So Named
Habbab A Lovable And Friendly Person,Affable,Lovable,Gentle,Polite
Habbah Berry,Grain,Seed
Habbib Dear; Beloved
Habbie A Smart And Famous Person
Habee bullah Beloved Of Allah
Habeeb Beloved, friend; Rasoolullah's sallallaahu-alayhi-wasallam attribute name of a sahaabi (RA).
Habeeballah Loved By The Lord,Add Meaning
Habeebullah Beloved Of Allah
Habeel One Who Is Accepted By Allah,Name Of One Of The Sons Of Sayyidina Aadam AS,His Sacrifice Wias Accepted By Allah But That Of Qabeel,His Brother Rejected,Name Of One Of The Sons Of Sayyidina Aadam His Sacrifice Was Accepted By Allah But That Of Qabeel
Habib Beloved,Arabic: Beloved,Darling,Lover,Dear; Habib Is Also Used As A Term Of Endearment By Adding A Letter "i" To The Ending For The Masculine,Dear,Friend,Love,Beloved One,Another Name For Prophet Muhammad
Habib-Ullah Beloved Of Allah
Habiballah The Beloved Of God,Add Meaning
Habibollah Beloved Of Allah
Habibulla Beloved Of Allah
Habibullah Friend Of Allah,Dear To All,Beloved Of Allah,Dear To God
Habibur-Rahman Beloved Friend Of Allah
Habid Habib; Beloved
Habil The Biblical Abel Is The English Language Equivalent., The Biblical Abel is the English Language Equivalent, Abel, Adam's Younger Son
Habinullah TBD
Habiri Habiri Is An Arabic Name For Boys That Means Colorful Clouds
Habis A Narrator Of Hadith,Ibn Sad Al-Taiy Had This Name,He Ws A Narrator Of Hadith,A Companion,Al-Tamimi RA Also Had This Name,Companion,Narrator Of Hadith,Ibn Sad Al-taiy Had This Name,Al-tamimi RA Also Had This Name
Habqar Habqar Is An Arabic Name For Boys That Means Hail,The
Habr Habr Is An Arabic Name For Boys That Means Virtuous,Scholar,Blessings,Happiness
Habrur Habrur Is An Arabic Name For Boys That Means Blessed,Living In Luxury
Habushun TBD
Habwat Gift,Present
Hachem Name Of Prophet Mohammed
Hachim One Who Destroys Evil,Add Meaning
Hackim Wise
Hada Myrtle Tree
Hadabbas Tiger
Hadad Syrian God Of Fertility,Joy,Noise,Clamour
Hadaf Aim,Target,Goal,Object,Respected
Hadal Hadal Is An Arabic Name For Boys And Girls That Means Mistletoe,Which Is A Type Of Plant
Hadan Heathen
Hadar Glorious,Splendour,Ornamented
Hadas New,Happening For The First Time
Hadaya Pl. Of Hadiya,Gift,Present
Hadbar Beautiful
Haddad Arabic: Smith,Ironsmith,Blacksmith; Often Used As A Family Name As Well As A First Name,Haddad Was A Storm God For The Semites,Blacksmith,Iron Smith,An Egyption Jurist And Judge Who Was A Disciple Of Al-Tabari,Muhammad Ibn-Ahmad Was Named Ibn Al-Haddad,Smith
Haddaq Wise
Haddi Guide; Leader; Calm; Quiet
Haddin Child Of The Heather-filled Valley
Hadee Director,Guide,Guiding To The Right
Hadeed It's an Arabic name for boys that means iron, sharp, penetrating. It is derived from the H6-D-D root which is used in a number of places in the Quran.It is also the name of chapter 57 of the Quran. Scholars recommend if you use the name Hadeed, use it for its meaning, don't use it as a reference to a chapter of Quran
Hadeem TBD
Hadeer Beautiful
Hadees Hadees,Which Is An Easier Pronunciation Of Hadeeth,Is A Direct Quranic Name For Boys And Girls That Means Speech,Dialog,New,Modern. Hadeeth Is Used Commonly To Refer To The Sayings Of Prophet Muhammad,Peace And Blessings Of Allah Upon Him. Allah Refers To The Quran As Ahsan Al-Hadeeth (the Most Excellent Speech)
Hadhdh Fortune; Luck
Hadheer Present,Attending
Hadhi Present
Hadhik TBD
Hadhil TBD
Hadhir Present,Attending
Hadi Guide,Guiding To The Right,Arabic: Guiding To The Light,To Follow The True Religion,Guiding To The Right (truth),One Who Leads To The Right Path,One Of The Names Of Allah,Leader,Guide To Righteousness,Gift,A Chief,One Who Guides
Hadi-Aman Peaceful Leader
Hadib Devoted,Kind,Compassionate
Hadid Strong,57th Surah Of The Quran,Iron,The 57th Surah Of The Quran,Eloquent
Hadidah Sword,Weapon
Hadie Quiet; Leader; Calm; Guide
Hadif Target; Respected
Hadin Guide,Leader,Guide To Righteousness,Gift,A Chief,One Who Guides
Hadir The Sound Of Thunder,Sound Of Thunder
Hadis Narration Or Sayings Of Prophet Muhammad,History,Tradition
Hadish Heaven
Hadith Narrations; Storey; Speech
Hadji TBD
Hadon Hill Of Heather
Hadpad One Who Gains Fame
Hadrami There Have Been Notable Men With This Name,For Isntance,(i) Abdullah Ibn-Abi Ishaq,A Quran Reciter Of Basrah
Hadus New,Fresh,Young
Hady Calm; Leader; Quiet; Guide
Hadya Gift
Haedar Lion
Hafawat Friendly,Welcoming
Hafeedh Preserver
Hafeei Gracious; Gentle
Hafeel Hafeel Is An Arabic Name For Boys That Means Plenty,Much,Great Numbers [of Something]
Hafeem TBD
Hafees Guardian Or Protector
Hafeesh Hafeesh Is An Arabic Name For Boys That Means True-hearted,Candid,Devoted,Loyal
Hafeey Very Merciful
Hafeez Guardian; protector; an epithet applied to Allahu Ta'aalaa.
Hafez Protector,Preserver,Responsible Caretaker
Haffaz Haffaz Is An Arabic Name For Boys That Means Protector,Protective. It Also Means One Who Memorizes Much,Especially One Who Memorizes Quran And Spends Much Time Doing This
Haffez TBD
Haffizur TBD
Hafi Generous,Affectionate,Compassionate,Another Name For God
Hafid The Wise One,Offspring,Descendant
Hafidh Preserver
Hafiez TBD
Hafij Guardian; Protected
Hafil Diligent,Industrious
Hafis The One Who Knows Quran By Heart
Hafiy TBD
Hafiz Protector,Guardian,A Protector,One Who Has Memorized The Quran,Name Of Allah,Title Given To A Man Who Has Memorised The Entire Quran,Protected,Keeper,Preserver,One Who Knows The Quran By Heart
Hafizah Guardian,Administrator,Manager
Hafizh Protector,Caretaker,Memorizing
Hafizulla Remembrance Of Allah
Hafizullah Remembrance Of Allah
Hafizur Shrewd Businessman
Haflat All,Everything
Hafran Forgiver; Virtuous; Forgiveness
Hafs Lion,Young Of Lion,The Offspring Of A Loin; Also Name Of An Imaam Of Qiraaat,Collecting,Gathering,Young Lion
Hafsah Gentle,Kind,Pleasant,Friendly
Hafzal TBD
Hafzan One Who Memorise The Holy Quran
Hafzid TBD
Hahnis Gift Of God
Hai River,Sea,Two,Second
Haian Very Beautiful
Haib Haib Is An Arabic Name For Boys That Means Solemnity,Seriousness,Magnificence,Greatness
Haidan A Variant Of Hayden
Haidar A Loin That Mauls Its Prey To Pieces; Title Of Ali Radhiyallahu­anhu,A Lion,Original Name Of Hadrat Ali Ibn Abu Talib,May Allah Be Pleased With Him,Lion,Derived From Hadara,To Dwell,Strong,Stout,Ferocious Lion
Haidarali Lion; Strong
Haidaru Haidaru Is An Arabic Name For Boys That Means Lion. It Is A Pet Form Of The Name Haidar
Haider Lion,A Bold Man,Title Of Hazrat Ali [raa],King Of Jungle
Haiderali TBD
HaiderBux TBD
Haidin Heathen
Haidor Lion
Haidun Heathen
Haikal Tale
Haille Independent Self Thinker
Haim Life
Haima Snow; Frost; Dew; Golden
Haiman Leader / Warrior
Hairaz Hairaz Is An Arabic Name For Boys That Means Guardian,Protector
Hairum Pious
Hairun One Of Name Of Prophet
Haisam Strong Man,Brave
Haisiyat Capacity,Ability
Haitam Lion
Haitat Caution,Care
Haitham Eagle,Lion
Haithem TBD
Haithum TBD
Haiyam Part Of Heart
Haiyan TBD