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Name Meaning of Farahat in English, Urdu, Hindi & Bangla

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Farahat Meaning

Name Farahat
Meaning Joys,Delights
Gender Boy
Lucky Number 1

Meaning of فرحت in Urdu

خوشیاں ، خوشیاں

Meaning of Farahat in Hindi

खुशियाँ, डिलाइट्स

Meaning of Farahat in Bangla

Joys, Delights

Lucky Number : 1

Representing the top order, the number is the sign of self-sufficiency. It shows your determination and brings out your capability as a self -reliant leader. The number one is also the indication that you have chosen negativity and are struggling to meet the ends.

Number 1 is the great omen to start anything new and look for new beginnings. This means you need to shift yourself from negative energies and make a new start with more vigor and positivity.

Farahat is Muslim name which means - Joys,Delights. Name Farahat Found in following countries- Afghan,Algerian,Bahraini,Bangladeshi,Comoran,Egyptian,Emirati,Indonesian,Iraqi,Jordanian,Kuwaiti,Libyan,Malaysian,Moroccan,Pakistani,Palestinian,Qatari,Somalian,Syrian,Tunisian,Indian.