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Name Meaning
Sa Happy,Exastled
Sa'diyah Good Fortune; Happiness; Blessed
Saabiha Bright As Morning,A Princess
Saabiq The First In A Race,Name Of A Sahabi (RA) Who Was The Servant Of The Holy Prophet (peace Be Upon Him)
Saabiqa TBD
Saabira Patient,Enduring
Saabiraat Patient
Saabirah One Who Endures Hardships Stoically And With Great Endurance,Patient,Tolorant,Tolerant
Saabireen Patient
Saabiya Splendid; Brilliant
Saadaa Saadaa Is An Arabic Name For Girls That Means Happy,Joyful
Saadah Happiness
Saadanah Saadanah Is An Arabic Name For Girls That Means Dove,Pigeon
Saadat Blessing
Saadeka Freshwater; Rising Sun Beauty
Saadia Lucky
Saadiqa Truthful,Sincere
Saadiqah True; Sincere; Faithful; Veracious; A Lady Word Is Her Honour,Add Meaning
Saadiqhah True,Sincere,Faithful,Veracious,A Woman Of His Word,Woman Of His Word
Saadiya Flower,One Who Is Fortunate ; Lucky,Good Fortune,Happy
Saadunah Saadunah Is An Arabic Name For Girls That Means Happy,Joyful
Saaebah Saaebah Is An Arabic Name For Girls That Means Sensible,Rational,Intelligent
Saaedah The Quiet One
Saaeenaz Alone
Saaf Saaf Is An Arabic Name For Boys And Girls That Means Pure
Saafah Saafah Is An Arabic Name For Girls That Means Frond,Large And Usually Divided Leaves In Plants Like Palm Trees And Ferns
Saafia Virtuous,Pious,God-Fearing And Devoted To God
Saafiya Untroubled; Best Friend
Saafiyya TBD
Saahana Long Life
Saahi Innocent; Beautiful; Faith
Saahibah Friend,Colleague
Saahina TBD
Saahira Wakeful
Saahirah Earth; Moon; A Spring Which Flows Constantly
Saaida Branch,Tributary
Saaiha Saaiha Is An Indirect Quranic Name For Girls That Means Flowing Water,Traveler For The Sake Of Allah,One Who Fasts Often. It Is Derived From The S-Y-H6 Root Which Is Used In A Number Of Places In Teh Quran
Saaihat Traveller; One Who Fast
Saaim Fasting
Saaimaat Fasting One
Saaimah Fasting Woman
Saaina Princess
Saaiqa Lightning
Saairah Name Of A Sahabiyyah (RA),Name Of A Sahabiyyah RA
Saajia Beauty; Princess
Saajida One Who Worships God
Saajidah Prostrating In Prayer (salaah); One Who Makes Sajdah,Prostrating In Prayer (salah),One Who Makes Sajdah,Prostrating In Prayer
Saajidha Worshipper
Saajitha Morality; Worshipper
Saakin Serene,Tranquil,Unmoving
Saakinah Saakinah Is An Arabic Name For Girls That Means Tranquil,Calm,Serene
Saaleha Flower,Good,Useful,Correct,Agreeable,Pious
Saalifah Previous,Last
Saaliha Pure Pios And Devoted,Good; Useful,Good,Useful
Saalihaat Good Deeds
Saalihah Virtuous; A Chaste Woman; Righteous,Pious,Righteous
Saalikah Following,Proceeding
Saalima Safe; Healthy,Safe,Perfect,Complete,Healthy
Saama Saameh Is A Persian Name For Girls That Means Vow,Oath,Promise
Saameyah Pure
Saamia One Who Can Hear,Lofty,Elevated
Saamiah Saamiah Can Refer To Two Different Arabic Names: 1. It Is An Arabic Name For Girls That Means Good Listener,Understanding,Obedient. It Can Also Be Written As Saamiah. 2. It Is An Arabic Name For Girls That Means High In Status,Elevated,High In Rank. It Is The Feminine Version Of Sami. Both Names Are Indirect Quran
Saamiqa TBD
Saamiya Elevated; Lofty,Elevated,Exhalted,Lofty
Saamyya Lofty,Elevated
Saania Radiant,Brilliant,Beautiful
Saaniya Moment In Time; Beautiful; Harmony
Saanvika Rainbow; Goddess Lakshmi / Durga
Saar-rah A Lady Whose Charming Manner Causes Joy And Happiness
Saara Princess,Wife Of The Prophet Ibrahim And Mother Of The Prophet Ismail,Noble Princess
Saaraa Pure,Happy
Saarah Happy,Pure,Name Of The Sacred Wife Of Ibraaheem (AS); Mother Of Is-haaq (AS). It Means Sheet Or Veil,(Saara) The Wife Of Hazrat Ibrahim (peace Be Upon Him) The Prophet Of Allah,Cute,Adorable,Happy Person,Wife Of Hajrat Ibraheem Khalillullah
Saariyah Name Of A Sahabiyyah (RA),Name Of A Sahabiyyah RA
Saarrah A Lady Whose Carming Manner Causes Joy And Happiness,Charming Manner,Joy,Happiness
Saat Moment,Time,Occasion
Saatarah Saatarah Is An Arabic Name For Girls That Means Thymus,Thyme,An Herb Also Known As Zaatar In Arabic
Saayerah Saayerah Is An Arabic Name For Girls That Means One Who Returns,One Who Changes From One State To Another
Saayidah Saayedah Is An Arabic Name For Girls That Dominant,Chief,Leader
Saazidah Respectful
Saaziya TBD
Saba Sheba,Early Morning Breeze,A Town In Yemen,East Wind,Breeze,Queen Saba,Zephyr,Morning,A Gentle Breeze,From Sheba,
Sabaa A Nice Wind,Eastern Wind
Sabaaha Early Morning,Dawn
Sabaahat Beauty,Gracefulness,Comeliness
Sabab Cause; Drive; Factor; Impetus
Sabah Dawn,Morning,Arabic: Morning,Handsome,Born In The Morning,From Sheba,The Queen Of Sheba Is Mentioned In The Old Testament As Having Been Hugely Rich And Very Ostentatious,
Sabaha Morning,Dawn,Beautiful
Sabahah Radiance; Brilliance; Beauty
Sabahat Beauty,Grace,Handsomeness
Sabanaa From The Open Plain
Sabanam Mist
Sabara Patience
Sabat Firmness,Stability,Certainty,Endurance,Boldness,Truth
Sabaya Wife Of Hajrat Ibraheem Khalillullah
Sabbaghah Sabbaghah Is An Arabic Name For Girls That Means Dyer,One Whose Job Is To Dye Clothes
Sabbah TBD
Sabbarah Sabbarah Is An Arabic Name For Girls That Means Extremely Patient,Extremely Enduring
Sabbi Young Girl
Sabburah Very Patient,Enduring
Sabeana Catlike; Sabine Woman
Sabee Young Girl
Sabeegah Beautiful,Graceful
Sabeeha Beautiful,Handsome,Morning,Forenoon
Sabeehah Beautiful; Handsome; A Lady With A Fair Complexion,Beautiful,Lady With Fair Complexion,Handsome
Sabeeka Beautiful
Sabeel Way,Path,Road,Route. It Is One Of The Most Common Words In The Quran,Mentioned Over 160 Times
Sabeela Sabeela Is An Indirect Quranic Name For Girls That Has The Same Meaning As Sabeel. It Means Path,Road,Way. It Is Derived From The S-B-L Root Which Is Used Often In The Quran
Sabeen Cool Breeze Of The Morning,Cool Morning Breeze
Sabeena From The Name Sabine An Italian Culture,Beautiful
Sabeeqa First,Winner
Sabeera Patient,Tolerant,Fem. Of Sabeer,Feminine Of Sabeer
Sabeesha To Be Lucky,Good Character
Sabeeya TBD
Sabeeyah Baby Girl
Sabegah Beautiful,Graceful
Sabeha Beautiful
Sabeir Patient; Kind
Sabena A Light
Sabeqwa TBD
Sabera Morning
Sabha Pretty,Beautiful,Graceful,Radiant,Fem. Of Sabah,Good
Sabhaa Sabhaa Is An Arabic Name For Girls That Means Bright Like The Morning,Beautiful
Sabhiha Graceful; Beautiful; A Princess
Sabi Young Girl
Sabia Captivating,Enchanting,Charming,Beautiful,7th Sky In Arabic,Pretty Woman,Sabine Woman,Very Preety
Sabiah Sabiah Or Thabiah Is An Arabic Name For Girls That Means One Who Collects,One Who Puts Things Together
Sabiba Youthfulness
Sabibah Sabibah Is An Arabic Name For Girls That Means Water That Is Poured
Sabie Young Girl
Sabih Coming Or Arrival In The Morning,Pretty,Beautiful,Graceful
Sabiha Beautiful,Coming Or Arriving In The Morning,Fem. Of Sabih,Graceful,Forenoon
Sabihaa Beautiful,A Princess
Sabihah Beautiful,Graceful
Sabila Right Path
Sabina Flower,Small Sword,Catlike,Form Of Sabine,Of Ancient Italian Culture,Woman From The Sabine Tribe,Beautiful
Sabinaa Woman From The Sabine Tribe
Sabinah Woman From The Sabine Tribe
Sabinaz TBD
Sabiqa First,Winner,Fem. Of Sabiq,Feminine Of Sabiq
Sabiqah Past
Sabira Patient,Tolerant,Fem. Of Sabir
Sabirah Patient,Perseverant
Sabirah, Saabira Patient
Sabirat Patient One
Sabirin Patient One
Sabita Well Established,Certain,Sure,Fem. Of Sabit,Beautiful Sunshine
Sabitah Sabitah Is An Arabic Name For Girls That Means Deep-rooted,Established,Well-founded
Sabiya Brilliant,Splendid
Sabiyah The Eastern Wind; Morning
Sabiyya Brilliant,Splendid
Sabna Water Drops On Leaves
Sabnaj Proud For Everyone
Sabnam Clouds; Flowers; Beautiful
Sabnoor Aura; With All Light
Sabnum Flowers; Clouds; Beautiful
Sabnur With All Light; Aura
Sabohi TBD
Sabooha Pure,Chaste
Saboora Very Patient
Sabqat Supremacy
Sabr Patience,Self Control
Sabra Patient,Enduring,Cactus Fruit,Thorny Cactus,To Rest
Sabrah To Rest
Sabreen Patience,Endurance
Sabreena Patient
Sabrena From The Border Land
Sabri Of Patience,Perseverence
Sabria From Cyprus
Sabrien Patience
Sabriha TBD
Sabrin Patience
Sabrina White Rose,Princess,Daughter Of The King,From The Border,Sword Like,Name Of The River Severn,Cactus Fruit,A Welsh River Name,From Cyprus,Thorn
Sabrinah TBD
Sabrine Princess
Sabriya Patient,Fem. Of Sabri,Feminine Of Sabri
Sabriyah Patient,Preservant,Right Thing To Do,Lucky Hand
Sabriyya Feminine Form Of SABRI,Patient,Perseverance
Sabriyyah Sabriyyah Is An Arabic Name For Girls That Means Patient,Enduring
Sabsha Greetings; Dawn
Sabu Happy; Innocent
Sabuah Sabuah Is An Arabic Name For Girls That Means Lioness
Sabuh Shining,Brilliant
Sabuhi Morning Star
Sabura Very Patient,Enduring
Saburah Narrator Of Hadith
Sabya The Eastern Wind; Morning
Sabyah The Eastern Wind; Morning
Sabyan TBD
Sada Always,Form Of Sarah,Princess
Sadaaqah Sadaaqah Is An Arabic Name For Girls That Means Friendship,Affection,Closeness
Sadaat Without A Doubt
Sadad Lord
Sadadah Sadadah Is An Arabic Name For Girls That Means Rationality,Sense,Soundness Of Mind And Judgment