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Name Meaning
I'zaaz To Respect And Honour; To Raise To An Exalted Position; To Strengthen
Iaon Yahweh Is Merciful / Gracious
Iayan Prince
I’jaaz Miracle; Karaamah; An Event Out Of The Usual Course Of Nature
Ibaad A Worshipper,Servants Of Allah,,Prayer
Ibad Virtuous,Pious,God-Fearing And Devoted To God,Servants,Slaves
Ibadah Ibadah Is An Arabic Name For Boys And Girls That Means Worship,Obedience Of God
Ibadat Ibadat means 'to worship'
Ibadullah Ibadullah Is An Arabic Name For Boys That Means Worshipers Of God,Devoted Servants Of God,Servants Of God
Iban God Is Gracious
Ibdar Light Of The Full Moon
Ibkar Early Morning
Iblit Loveable
Ibn Son Of
Ibn Sina Sina Was The Father Of Abu Ali Ib-e-Sina,The Celebrated Physician Avicenna
Ibn-Sina TBD
IbnAbbas Son Of Abbas
IbnSina Sina Was The Father Of Abu Ali Ib-e-sina
Ibr Prophet Abraham
Ibraaheem Name of an illustrious prophet of Allah, The Biblical Abraham is the English Language Equivalent, A Prophet's Name
Ibraham Father of a Multitude, A Prophet's Name, Abraham, Earth
Ibraheem A Prophet's name
Ibraheim Father Of A Multitude ; Father Of Nations
Ibrahim A Prophet's name
Ibrahima TBD
Ibran Variant Of Ibrahim
Ibrar Helpfull Peacfull,Peaceful,Helpful
Ibrees A Titan; Pure Gold
Ibreez Gold,Ruby,Pearl And Coral
Ibrisam Silk
Ibriz Pure Gold
Ibsan Beauty
Ibtesam Smiling
Ibthisham TBD
Ibtihaaj Happiness,Joy,Delight
Ibtihaj Joy,Gladness,Delight
Ibtihal Supplication,Prayer
Ibtikar Innovation
Ibtisam Smiling
Ibzan Father Of A Target
Id It Is Another Variant Of The Muslim Festival Eid,Feast,Festival
Idaan King
Idalat Victory
Idam TBD
Idan A Historic Period / Age
Idara Joy
Idd Power,Victory
Iddi Moonlighting
Ideeq The Biblical Isaac Is The English Language Equivalent
Iden Wealthy; Prosperous
Idhan King; A Historic Period / Age
Idin Unity
Idiq The Biblical Isaac Is The English Language Equivalent
Idir Noble
Idms The Biblical Enoch Is The English Language Equivalent
Idraak Intellect; Perception; Achievement
Idrak Idrak Means Intellect,Accomplishment,Achievement
Idrees A Prophet's name
Idress Fiery Leader
Idris A Prophet's name
Idrish Not Visible; Invisible
Idriz TBD
Idul TBD
Ieethaar Sacrifice,Selflessness
Iefan Yahweh Is Merciful / Gracious
Iesa A Prophet's name
Ifaan Knowledge
Ifaaz Helper
Ifad To Be High And Above Something
Ifan Season,Time
Ifatul TBD
Ifaz Helper
Iffan Time,Season
Iffat Variant Of Iffat,Virtue,Chastity
Ifiyan Forgiven
Ifni TBD
Ifraan Identity
Ifran Ifran means 'one with an identity'
Ifran-rahaman TBD
Ifraq Love
Ifraz Height,Altitude,Elevation
Ifroz TBD
Ifser TBD
Iftajul TBD
Iftar TBD
Iftekar Gift Of Allah
Iftekhar Honour; Glory
Iftekharalamkhan Proud
Iften TBD
Ifteqar TBD
Iftequar Royal Parson
Ifthekar TBD
Iftikar Thought,Contemplation
Iftikhaar Honoured; Grace; Glory; Distinction; Repute,Honour,Glory
Iftikhar Proud,Honour,Grace,Glory,Pride,Repute
Iftikhar Ud Din Pride Of The Religion (Islam)
Iftikharllah Glory / Pride Of Allah
IftikharUdDin Pride Of The Religion Islam
Iftikharus Sadat Pride Of The Chiefs
IftikharusSadat Pride Of The Chiefs
Ifty TBD
Ifzal Eminence,Superiority
Ifzan Gift Of God
Igal Redeemed; Defiled
Ighlaf TBD
Igider TBD
Igmi Joyful
Ihaab Gift,Leather
Ihaan Leader,Pioneer,Morning,Dawn
Ihab Leather
Iham Expected
Ihan Full Moon
Ihana Delight
Ihdaf Ihdaf Is An Arabic Name For Boys And Girls That Means Closeness,Proximity
Iher TBD
Ihlal Ihlal Is An Arabic Name For Boys And Girls That Means To Look For The Crescent Moon,As It Is Done To Determine The Beginning Of Ramadan And Other Islamic Dates. It Also Means Clarity,Radiance
Ihram It's an indirect Quranic name for boys and girls that refers to the state of purity that pilgrimage enters during the pilgrimage rites. It starts when the pilgrims put on their Ihram clothes, which are the white clothes that are seen during the Haj proceedings, and ends when they take off these clohes at the end of Haj
Ihsaan Beneficence,Charity
Ihsaan Benevolent Actions; Favour; Kindness
Ihsan Beneficence,Kindness,Beneficence; Highest Level Of Iman,Highest Level Of Iman,Charity,Compassion
Ihsanul Haq Kindness Of The Truth (Allah)
Ihsanul-Haq Kindness Of The Truth (Allah)
IhsanulHaq Kindness Of The Truth (Allah)
Ihsen Charity
Ihtesham Respectable,Honourable,Present Personality,Magnificent,Magnificiant
Ihtiraam Honour,Hold In Honour
Ihtiram Honour,Hold In Honour,Respect
Ihtishaam Magnificence; Pomp; Glory,One With A Splendid Personality,Having Many Followers Or Dependents,Magnificence,Pomp
Ihtisham Modesty,Decency,Chastity,Pomp,Magnificence
Ihtsham Strength, Strength., It is a Muslim name that means 'strength' and 'power'
Ihzaan Kindness; Beneficence
Iihan Considered
Iim Science
Iizhar Submission; Clearness; Expression
Ijaaz Miracle
Ijaj Kind-hearted; Soft
Ijajul TBD
Ijan Soul Of The Moon; Fire
Ijar TBD
Ijas Knowledge; Glow; Shine
Ijaz Miracle,Inimitability,Astonishment,Wondrous Nature
Ijazul Glory Of Allah
Ijazul Haq Inimitability Of The Truth (Allah)
Ijazul-Haq Inimitability Of The Truth
IjazulHaq Inevitability Of The Truth (Allah)
Ijlaal Glorification; Exaltation
Ijlal Glorification,Exaltation,Honesty,Integrity,Fidelity,Faithfulness
Ijli This Was The Name Of The Makes Of Astrolabes,This Was The Name Of The Makes Of Astrolables,The Name Of The Makes Of Astrolabes
Ijtiba Chosen
Ikan Fish; Star
Ikbal Glory,Destiny
Iken TBD
Ikhlaaq Morals,Virtues
Ikhlaas Sincerity; Purity; Selfless Friendship,Frankness,Sincerity
Ikhlaq Good Habit,Morals,Virtues
Ikhlas Sincerity,Purity,Frankness
Ikhtiyar Choice,Preference,Selection
Ikhwaan Brother
Ikhwan Ikhwan Is An Arabic Name For Boys That Means Brothers. It Is The Plural Of Akh (brother). The Word Ikhwan Is Used 22 Times In The Quran
Ikleel Ikleel Is An Arabic Name For Boys And Girls That Means Crown,Chief Of Prophets
Iklil Crown,Garland
Ikraam Honouring; Veneration; To Pay Respect,Esteem Veneration
Ikram Honour,Respect,Honouring,Glory,Esteem,Veneration,Honour Respect
Ikram Ul Haq Glory Of The Truth (Allah)
Ikram-ul-Haq Glory Of The Truth (Allah)
Ikramah A Female Pigeon: Name Of An Illustrious Sahaabi Radhiyallaahu-anhu,A Female Pigeon,Son Of Abu Jahl Who Became A Sahabi,Female Pigeon
Ikramuddin Honour Respect
Ikramul TBD
IkramUlHaq Glory Of The Truth (Allah)
Ikramullah Glory Of Allah
Ikran Honoured
Ikrash Attractive
Ikremah Female Pigeon; A Sahabi
Ikrima A Female Pigeon,Name Of An Illustrious Sahabi
Ikrimah A Companions Name,A Female Pigeon,Old Arabic Name,Female Of A Pigeon,Female Version Of A Pigeon
Iksaar TBD
Ikseer Elixir
Iksir Elixir
Iktiyar Preference; Choice; Selection
Ilaaf Protection
Ilaaha TBD
Ilaahi A Term Used For The Era Instituted By The Akbar
Ilaan God Gift; Intelligent
Ilahi My Lord (for Allah),Divine
Ilahi Bakhsh Gift Of Allah
Ilahi-Bakhsh Gift Of Allah
IlahiBakhsh Gift Of Allah
Ilam My Enemies Are Many
Ilan Good Person,Intelligent,Tree
Ilann TBD
Ilash Another Name For Allah,Another Name For God
IlderimKhan TBD
Ilfan Unique; The Art; Attraction
Ilhaam Inspiration,Inspiring,Revelation
Ilhaan Precious; Respectfull