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Name Meaning
Za Chief
Za'ir Visitor,Guest
Zaabit Clever Man,One Who Remembers; Brilliant And Intelligent; A Variant Spelling Is Zabit,One Who Remembers
Zaad Victory,Success
Zaaef One Who Is Sociable And Gracious
Zaafer One Who Is Helpful And A Great Partner
Zaafir Victorious
Zaahid Abstemious,Ascetic,Devotee
Zaahid A Devotee; An Ascetic
Zaahir A Blooming Flower; A Bright And Shining Colour; Lofty,Bright,Shining,Elevated
Zaahir Bright,Shining
Zaahir Apparent; evident; one of the attributes of Allah Ta'ala.
Zaaid Bright,Shining
Zaair Visitor,Guest
Zaakir One who constantly praises and remembers Allah Ta'aala.
Zaal Brisk
Zaamil Beautiful
Zaarib One Who Is A Great Warrior,One Who Beats,Striker
Zabar Strong
Zabarjad Emerald
Zabeeb Edge Of A Sword
Zabian One Who Worships Celestial Bodies
Zabien One Who Worships Celestial Bodies
Zabir The Person Who Have Religious Knowledge
Zaboor Chant
Zabrij Beauty,Decoration
Zaby Gazelle
Zackariya Name Of A Prophet
Zada Fortunate,Prosperous
Zaden To Increase; Grow In Stature
Zadfar A Glorious Birth
Zaeem The leader, The leader., The Quranic name means 'leader', 'resolute', 'firm', 'responsible for'.
Zafar Victorious,The Conquerer ; A Victorious Man,Victory,Triumph,Companion Of Prophet Muhammad
Zafaruddin Zafaruddin Is An Arabic Name For Boys That Means Triumph Of The Faith,A Person Who Is A Cause For Success Of The Muslims
Zafeeer TBD
Zafeer Of firm and resolute intention., The indirect Quranic name for boys means 'always victorious', 'always successful', 'always triumphant'.
Zafer One Who Is Victorious
Zaffar Victory,Triumph
Zafir Victorious, Victorious., The indirect Quranic name means 'victor', 'successful one', 'triumphant one'.
Zafran Derived From Zarparan For Gold Stigma Of Flower,Gold Stigma Of A Flower,Derived From Zarparan
Zafrul Honest,Reliable And Very Ambitous,One Who Is Honest,Reliable And Very Ambitious
Zaghar Abundance
Zaghlool TBD
Zaghlul A Fast Man,Baby,Young Dove/ Pigeon,Young Pigeon
Zagros Zagros Is A Persian Name For Boys That Is The Name Of A Mountain Range That Span Western Iran And Eastern Turkey And Iraq
Zahaar Zahaar Is An Arabic Name For Boys That Means Florist,Seller Of Flowers
Zahair TBD
Zahanat Arabic For Intelligence,Sharpness Of Mind
Zahauddin Zahauddin Is An Arabic Name For Boys That Means Radiance Of The Faith,Brilliance Of The Faith,Meaning One Who Is A Source Of Guidance And Enlightenment For The Muslims
Zaheel Zaheel Is An Arabic Name For Boys That Means Sure Of Heart,Without Worry And Fear
Zaheen Sagacious,Intelligent,Ingenious,Intellectual
Zaheer Bright And Shining,Blooming; Shining; Luminous,Bright,Blooming,Shining,Luminous,Supporter,Ally
Zaheer Ud Dawlah Helper Of The Religion (Islam)
Zaheer Uddin Helper Of Islam,Helper Of The Religion,A Mughal Emperor (Babar)
Zaheera Brilliant,Shining
Zaheeruddawlah Helper Of The Religion Islam
Zaheeruddin Helper Of The Religion Islam
Zahhaak A Person Who Laughs Most. Name Of A Sahabi Who Participated In The Battle Of Badr,A Person Who Laughs Most
Zahian Light and Radiance.It's an indirect Quranic name for boys and girls meaning bright day, brilliant, full of light. It is derived from the DHAD-H6-Y root which is used in many places in the Quran. BLANKENTER [Moses] said, Your appointment is on the day of the festival when the people assemble at mid-morning.(Quran 20:59)
Zahid Self Denying,Abstentious,Ascetic,Devout,Ascetic. One Who Renounces The World And Is Fully Devoted To Allah,Chaste,Altruistic,Saint
Zahil Calm
Zahin Sagacious,Intelligent,Great
Zahir Bright,Shining,Flowery,Apparent,Evident,One Of The Attributes Of Allah,Protector,Persian Poet,Obvious,Sparkling,Brilliant,Another Name For God,Associate,Helper
Zahira Brilliant,Shining
Zahirul TBD
Zahirul Haq Visible And Prominent
Zahl Zahl Is An Arabic Name For Boys That Means Sureness Of The Heart,Confidence,Distance From Evil And Danger
Zahoor Expression,Appearance,Ostentation,Manifestation
Zahou Zahou Is An Arabic Name For Boys And Girls That Means Beautiful View,Beautiful Appearance,A Plant That Is In Full Bloom
Zahra White
Zahran Blossoming,Shining,Nice And Radiant,Name Of A Tribe In Hijjaz,Shine
Zahri Zahri Is An Arabic Name For Boys That Means Flower-like,Fresh And Good Looking Like A Flower
Zahrun Zahrun Is An Arabic Name For Boys Means Blossom,Flower
Zahuk Zahuk Is An Arabic Name For Boys That Means Happy,Joyous,Literally Meaning One Who Laughs Often
Zahun Zahun Is An Arabic Name For Boys That Means Intelligent,Keen,Bright
Zahur Flower,Eminent,Bright And Shining
Zahurhusen Light
Zaib Beauty,Gold
Zaid Growth,Increase,Abundance; Excess Surplus; Name Of A Sahaabi Radhiyallaahu-anhu,Abundance,Increment,Superabundance,Addition,Excess,Surplus,Great,Great Abundance,Prosperity
Zaid, Zayd Increase,Growth,Abundance
Zaida Fortunate,Prosperous
Zaidaan Growth,Great Abundance
Zaidan Growth And Progress,Growth,Increase,Excess
Zaidanie TBD
Zaiden Strength,Fiery,Sower Of Seeds
Zaidi My Advantage,Follower Of Imam Zaid Bin Ali
Zaidun Additional,Excess
Zaifullah Zaifullah Is An Arabic Name For Boys That Means Gods Guest,Meaning A Person Who Is Under The Special Care And Protection Of Allah
Zaigham Lion,Lion King Of The Jungle
Zaighum Lion,Powerful,Brave
Zaim Leader Or General,Someone Who Is Demanded,African: Flowering (Swahili),Brigadier General,Leader,Chief
Zaim Uddin Leader Of The Religion (Islam)
Zaimuddin Leader Of The Religion Islam
Zain Friend,Beloved,Beautiful,Pretty,Beauty,Grace,Ornament,Honour,Swords,Excellent,Happy,Good Looking,Variant Of Zane Or John,The Lord Is Gracious,Good Light
Zain Uddin Grace Of The Religion (Islam)
Zain, Zayn <p> Beauty</p>
Zainuddeen Lord Of Good Light
Zainuddin Grace Of The Religion Islam
Zainul-Abidin Ornament Of The Worshippers Of Allah
ZainulAbidin Ornament Of The Worshippers (of Allah)
Zair Pilgrim,Guest,Visitor
Zaiyaan Bright And Graceful
Zajil Loud
Zak God Remembers,He Will Laugh,Variant Of Zachariah And Zachary,Laughter,The Lord Has Remembered
Zaka Intelligence,Acumen,Purity,Honesty
Zakaa Keen perception; sharpness of mind; deep insight; sagacity, Variant of Zaka', Intelligence, Acumen, Purity, Honesty
Zakai Arabic: General,Title Of Authority
Zakar Handsome,Kind Hearted
Zakaria Zachary
Zakariya Name of a Prophet (A.S), Name of a Prophet (A.S)., Biblical Prophet's Name, Zechariah
Zakariyah Prophets Name
Zakariyya The Name Of A Prophet,A Prophets Name (Zakaria)
Zakariyyaa Name of a prophet of Allah., Biblical Prophet's Name, Zechariah
Zakawan Abu Salih As Saman Az-ziyat Had This Name,Narrator Of Hadith
Zakawat Sharpness
Zakee Pure; Virtuous; Clean; Truthful,Pure,Pious
Zakee One Who Has A Sharp Mind And Keen Perception; Intelligent
Zakhif Proud
Zaki Intelligent,Pure,Chaste,Virtuous,Bright And Pure
Zaki Uddin Pure (person) Of The Religion (Islam)
Zaki, Zaky Pure
Zakia Intelligent
Zakir Someone Who Believes In Allah,Faith,Remembering. Grateful,,One Who Praises Allah,One Who Remembers,Another Name For God,Remembering,Grateful
Zakir Uddin One Who Praises (teaches) The Religion (Islam)
Zakir Ullah One Who Praises Allah
Zakiruddin One Who Teaches The Religion (Islam)
Zakirul Islam One Who Praises (teaches) Islam
Zakirulislam One Who Teaches The Religion (Islam)
Zakirullah One Who Praises Allah
Zakiuddin Pure (Person) Of The Religion Islam
Zakiy Pure,Pious
Zakiyy Pure
Zakkee Intellectual,Ingenious
Zakki Intellectual,Ingenious
Zakoor Narrator,Speaker
Zakou Zakou Is An Arabic Name For Boys That Means Growth,Increase,Improvement
Zakour TBD
Zakwan Intuitive
Zaky Pure
Zal Zal Is A Persian Name For Boys That Means White-haired,It Is The Name Of The Father Of Rustam,The Mythical Persian Hero
Zaland Bright,Feminine Zalanda
Zaleeq Arabic For Eloquent
Zalman Peaceful And Quiet
Zalmay Young
Zalool Obedient,Submissive
Zaluj Zaluj Is An Arabic Name For Boys And Girls That Means Nimble,Swift-footed,Sprightly
Zamaair Arabic For Hearts,Minds,Consciences
Zamaam Honour,Right,Share,Place
Zamaan Arabic For Time,Age,Era,Time,Destiny
Zamaar Bravery,Valour
Zaman Time,Destiny,Age,Era
Zaman-Shah King Of The Sage
ZamanShah King Of The Sage
Zameel Good Friend And Companion,Beautiful
Zameer Conscience
Zami Helper,Supporter
Zamiir A Good Young Man,Short
Zamil Friend,Collegue,Companion,Colleague
Zamin A Surety,Sponsor,Security,Another Name For Allah,Another Name For God,Biased
Zamir Conscience,Mind,Heart,Idea,Comprehension,Brave,Handsome,Song
Zamir Uddin Heart Of The Religion (Islam)
Zamiruddin Heart Of The Religion Islam
Zaml Zaml Is An Indirect Quranic Name For Boys. It Is An Ancient Arabic Name Without A Clearly Defined Meaning,But Since It Is Derived From The Z-M-L Root (wrapped Up,Modesty),It Has Meanings Of Modest,Bashful,Virtuous
Zamr Zamr Is An Arabic Name For Boys That Means Lions Roar. It Also Kindling Of A Fire
Zamurad A Green Precious Stone
Zamurah Sparkle Of Light,Fire,Name Of Companion
Zamurd A Green Precious Stone
Zamyad TBD
Zamzam Abu-Zamzam Was The Name Of Al-Madini,A Man Of An Early Islam,About Him Amusing Enecdotes Were Told,Abu-zamzam Was The Name Of Al-madini,About Him Amusing Anecdotes Were Told
Zand TBD
Zander Arabic: Smart,Intelligent,Compassionate
Zaneesh Powerful
Zang TBD
Zar Zar Is A Persian,Turkish And Kurdish Name For Girls That Means Gold
Zar-Gul Gold Flower
Zar-Wali TBD
Zaraafat Arabic For Intelligence,Cleverness,Talent
Zaraan Flow Of River
Zarab Persian For Gold Water,A Liquid In Which Gold Particles Are Suspended
Zarak Gold,Made Of Gold Metal
Zaram One In Thousand
Zarang Clever
Zarar Brave,Courageous,Fast
Zarathustra Golden Camel Owner
Zaray Obedient,Submissive
Zarbat Gold Lamp
Zardab Gold Water
Zardasht Zardasht Refers To The Prophet Zoroaster,Founder Of Zoroastrianism. Zoroaster Is Considered A True Prophet Sent By God By Some Muslim Scholars,And His Followers Are Considered People Of The Book,Similar To Christians And Jews,For This Reason Using This Name Is Acceptable. Zardasht Is Also The Name Of Many Locations
Zareeb It's an indirect Quranic name for boys that means likeness, similarity, type, hitter, fierce attacker. It is derived from the DHAD-R-B root found in many places in the Quran. BLANKENTER Then We inspired to Moses, Strike with your staff the sea, and it parted, and each portion was like a great towering mountain. (26:63)
Zareef Zareef Is An Arabic Name For Boys That Means Intelligent,Eloquent,Elegant,Creative,Witty
Zareer Persian For Intelligent,Easy To Love,And It Is The Name Of A Fragrant Plant Known As Reseda In English. It Is Also The Name Of A Character Mentioned In The Shahnameh
Zarf Pot,Calibre,Wisdom,Rank
Zargar Goldsmith
Zargham Arabic For Lion,Brave Warrior. Can Be Pronounced With A Long Or Short Second A Sound. (Zarghum Or Zarghaam)