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Name Meaning
Sa'd Felicity
Sa'dan Happy,Fortunate
Sa'eed Happy
Sa'id Happy,Fortunate
Sa'im Fasting
Sa'ir Walking,Going On Foot
Sa'irah Walking
Sa'ood Fortunate,Happy
Saaadah Happiness
Saaadat Variant of Sa'adat, Happiness, Bliss
Saabih Saabih Is An Arabic Name For Boys That Means Clear,Beautiful
Saabiq Antecedent,Preceding
Saabiqah Precedent,One Who Comes First In A Race,Name Of A Sahabi (RA) Who Was The Servant Of The Holy Prophet (peace Be Upon Him),Name Of A Sahabi
Saabiqeen TBD
Saabiqoon TBD
Saabir One Who Patiently And Stoically Endures All Hardships And Difficulties,Patient,One Who Patienly And Stoically Edures Al Hardships And Diffichlties,Title Of Ayyoob(peace Be Upon Him),Enduring
Saabir Patient
Saabiroon Patient One
Saabit (Thaabit),Name Of A Sahabi(RA),Name Of A Sahabi RA
Saad A companion of the Prophet (S.A.W), A companion of the Prophet (S.A.W)., Good luck, Good luck, good fortune, success, happiness, prosperity, lucky, Light, Good Luck, Lucky, Variant of Sa'ad, Felicity, Good Fortune, Support, A Companion of the Prophet
Saada Happiness
Saadaat Master,Gentleman
Saadad Saadad Is An Arabic Name For Boys That Means Sense,Rationality,Prudence
Saadah Happiness
Saadalla TBD
Saadan Saadan Is An Arabic Name For Boys That Means Happy,Joyful
Saadat Blessing,Honour,Prosperity,Happiness,Good Fortune,Auspiciousness
Saadi Happy,Lucky,Blissful Fortunate,Name Of A Great Persian Poet,Blissful
Saadiah Happiness
Saadih Singing Aloud
Saadik TBD
Saadin TBD
Saadiq True; Sincere; Faithful; Veracious; A Man Of His Word,A Beloved Friend,True,Sincere,Righteous Faithful,Veracious,A Man Of His Word,Faithful
Saadiqaat Teller Of Truth
Saadiqeen One Who Tell The Truth
Saadiqoon Trustworthy; Teller Of Truth
Saadman Happy; Cheerful
Saadoon Saadoon Is An Arabic Name For Boys That Means Happy,Joyful
Saaduddin Success Of The Religion (Islam),Success Of The Religion Islam
Saadyah Happiness
Saaeb Saaeb Is An Arabic Name For Boys That Means Sensible,Rational,Intelligent
Saaed Saaed Is An Arabic Name For Boys That Means Great,Majestic,Magnificent,Noble And Aristocratic,Glorious,Superior
Saaf Saaf Is An Arabic Name For Boys And Girls That Means Pure
Saafi Pure,Clear,Crystal
Saafik Intelligent
Saafin Saafin Is An Arabic Name For Boys That Means Those Who Are Pure,Those Who Are Without Blemished. It Is The Plural Of Saafi
Saafir Ambassador,Handsome
Saagh Listener,In Order
Saaghir Submissive,Yielding
Saaham Flower In Heaven
Saaheer Enchanting,Wakeful
Saahib Friend,Colleague,Companion,Follower
Saahib-ul-Izaar Owner Of The Garment
Saahib-ul-Qadam He Who Possesses Leadership
Saahib-ur-Ridaa Possessor Of The Mantle
Saahib-us-Sayf Owner Of The Sword
Saahibul-Bayan He Who Owns The Words
Saahibul-Burhan He Who Has The Evidence
Saahibul-Faraj Owner Of Comfort
Saahibul-Liwaa Owner Of The Banner Of Praise
Saahibul-Miraaj He Who Ascended To The Heavens
Saahibul-Qadeeb Owner Of The Staff
Saahibur TBD
Saahibut-Taaj Owner Of The Crown
Saahil Sea Shore,Beach,River Bank
Saahir Wakeful,Charming,Enchanting
Saahirah Earth,Moon,A Spring Which Flows Constantly
Saaib Name Of A Sahabi Who Took Part In The Battle Of Badr,Name Of A Sahabi Who Participated In The Battle Of Badr
Saaid Fortunate One ; One Who Is Happy,Name Of A Sahabi (RA)
Saaie Saaie Is An Arabic Name For Boys That Means Effort,Labor,Striving,Pursuit
Saaigh Saaigh Is An Arabic Name For Boys That Means Jewelry Maker
Saaih Virtuous,Pious,God-Fearing And Devoted To God
Saaii Hardworking,Worker,Staff,Someone Walking Fast
Saaim Name Of A Sahabi Who Took Part In The Battle Of Badr,Fasting
Saaimeen Fasting One
Saaiq He Who Drives On The Right Path,He Who Drives (on The Right Path)
Saair Saair Is An Arabic Name For Boys That Means Revolutionary (a Person Who Takes Part In A Revolution),Avenger,Excited
Saajid One Who Worships God
Saajideen One Who Worship God Often
Saajidoon Prostrating One
Saal The Year Consisting Of Twelve Months
Saaleh Good,Righteous,Virtuous
Saalif Name Of A Sahabi (RA)
Saalih Virtuous; Chaste; Righteous,Goodrighteous,Virtuous,Good,Chaste,Righteous,Name Of A Well-known Prophet Fo Allah
Saalih Good,Righteous
Saalihayn Good - Virtuous One
Saaliheen Pious One
Saalihoon Pious - Good One
Saalik Proceeding,Follower Of A Spiritual Path
Saalim Safe; Sound; Perfect; Complete,One Who Is Peaceful,Safe,Perfect,Complete,Name Of A Sahabi (RA),A Famous Jurist,Powerful,Secure,Mild,Free,Healthy
Saalimoon Safe; Unharmed
Saaloot The Biblical Saul Is The English Language Equivalent
Saam A Character In Shahnameh
Saamah Forgiving,Tolerance
Saami Eminent,Exalted,High-minded,Sublime,From Swahili
Saamih Forgiver
Saamir Fruit-bearing,Fruitful,Productive
Saamit Name Of A Sahabi (RA)
Saamy Praised; High; Exalted; Sublime
Saan Pride; Respected; Famous
Saanih Coming From The Right Side
Saaqib Star
Saarim Brave,Sharp Minded
Saariyah Clouds At Night
Saary TBD
Saayed Saayed Is An Arabic Name For Boys That Dominant,Chief,Leader
Saaz Breath; Melody
Sa’aadat Prosperity; Happiness; Good Fortune; Auspiciousness
Sa’ad Felicity; Prosperity
Sa’eed Fortunate; Auspicious; Venerable; Dignified; Name Of A Sahaabi (RA)
Sa’ood Fortunate; Pious; Auspicious,Prosperous
Sab Lion,Beautiful
Sabaah Morning,Bright
Sabaahat Beauty,Gracefulness,Comeliness
Sabah Dawn,Morning,Handsome,Good
Sabahat Beauty,Grace,Handsomeness
Sabahath TBD
Sabahuddin TBD
Sabal With Strength
Sabalan Sabalan Is A Persian Name For Boys That Is The Name Of A Mountain Range In North-western Iran. We Cannot Find Information On The Origin Of The Name,But Since It Is A Common Name And The Meaning Is Not Commonly Known,It Is Acceptable To Use It
Saban Soap Merchant; Soap Maker
Saban-Ali TBD
Sabanna Attack Like A Tiger
Sabaque One Who Surpasses Or Excels
Sabar Nectar
Sabari Lord Ayappan
Sabas Conversion
Sabat Firmness,Stability,Certainty,Endurance,Boldness,Truth
Sabath Worship Day
Sabawoon Dawn/Morning,Dawn,Morning
Sabba Born During The Morning Hours
Sabbaah Fair Complexioned
Sabbaan Soap Maker
Sabbagh Sabbagh Is An Arabic Name For Boys That Means Dyer,One Whose Job Is To Dye Clothes
Sabbaq Sabbaq Is An Arabic Name For Boys That Means On Who Races With Others And Gets Ahead Of Them,One Who Is Superior To Others In Goodness And Virtue
Sabbar Sabbar Is An Arabic Name For Boys That Means Extremely Patient,Extremely Enduring
Sabbir Patient,One Who Is Patient
Sabeed TBD
Sabeeh A Narrator Of Hadith,Beautiful,Handsome,One With A Fair Complexion,Pleasant,Fond,Pretty
Sabeek TBD
Sabeel Way,Path,Road,Route. It Is One Of The Most Common Words In The Quran,Mentioned Over 160 Times
Sabeer Patient,Persevering,Tolerant
Sabeeri Sabeeri Is An Arabic Name For Boys That Means Patient,Enduring. It Also Means Thick White Clouds
Sabeh Pretty,Handsome,Beautiful
Saber Sword
Sabh Beautiful
Sabhya Refined
Sabi Sabi Is An Arabic Name For Boys That Means Affectionate,One Who Longs For Something
Sabian TBD
Sabid TBD
Sabieh Handsome
Sabier Patient
Sabigh Sabigh Is An Arabic Name For Boys That Means Dyer,A Person Who Changes The Color Of Clothes Using Dye
Sabih Beautiful,Coming Or Arrival In The Morning,Handsome
Sabih, Sabeeh Beautiful,Pleasant,Fond
Sabihi Sabihi Is An Arabic Name For Boys That Means Bright Like The Morning,Good-looking
Sabik King; Beautiful Lion
Sabil Path,Way
Sabin Brave; From The Sabines
Sabiq First,Former,Winner,Another Name For Allah,Primary,Antecedent,Preceding,Another Name For God
Sabiqin TBD
Sabique Preceding,Antecedent,Truthful
Sabiqun TBD
Sabir Patient,Arabic: Patient,Enduring,Persevering
Sabir, Sabeer Patient,Persevering
Sabiruddin TBD
Sabirun Patient One
Sabit Strong,Certain,Well-established,Sure
Sabith Proven
Sabitul TBD
Sabooh Bright,Radiant
Saboor Patient; Forbearing,Patient,Tolerant,Forbearing
Sabour Patient
Sabran Patience
Sabre Sword
Sabree Patient
Sabri Of Patience,Perseverence,Princess
Sabrie Patient
Sabry Patient
Sabudeen TBD
Sabudin TBD
Sabuh Bright,Radiant
Sabuj Green Colour
Sabur Patient,Perservent
Saburah A Narrator Of Hadith,Narrator Of Hadith
Saburi Patience; Enduring
Sad Good Luck
Sad al Din Good Of The Faith
Sad-al-Din Good Of The Faith
Sadaad Sense,Rationality
Sadaan Luckier,Happier
Sadaaqat Sincerity,Truth
Sadaat Princes, Lords, Chiefs Title of the Prophet Muhammad's Director Descendants
Sadab Happy; Greenery; Daily; Morning
Sadad Right Thing To Do,Lucky Hand,Lord,Power,Best