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Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting With D

New Born Unique and Beautiful Muslim Girl Names by D. Get Muslim Baby Girl Names That Starts From Alphabet D

Muslim Girl Names Alphabetically


Muslim Boy Names Alphabetically


Name Meaning
Daaemiyyah Perpetual; Constant
Daajiyah Living Well
Daania Beautiful
Daaniyah Close; Near
Daanya Gift Of God,Beautiful
Daaria Wealthy; Sea; Learned; Knowing
Daarina Love; Kindness; Beautiful
Dad Old Arabic Name
Dafeenah Hidden Treasure
Dafinah Hidden Treasure
Dafiyah Narrator Of Hadith
Dagi Corn; Ceremonial Grain
Dah Rose
Dahab Gold
Dahabea The Golden Child
Dahabeah The Golden Child
Dahabia The Golden Child
Dahabiah The Golden Child
Dahah Beauty
Dahlia Flower Name; Valley Flower
Daiba Assiduous; Persistent; Devoted
Daieba Hard Worker
Daifa Defence
Dainyat To Give
Daisha Pretty And Friendly Woman
Daiya Caller For Islam
Dalaal Cuddling; Pampering
Dalal Treated Or Touched In A Kind And Loving Way
Dalale Coquettishness
Dalall Coquettishness
Dalalle Coquettishness
Daleela Guide,Proof
Daleena Kind; Noble
Daleesha Delight
Dalia African: (Tanzanian)
Dalida Poor; Weak; Gentle; Delight
Dalila Gentle,Delicate
Dalilah Guide; Leader; Clue
Dalina Noble; Kind
Daliyah Grape Vine
Daliyana Flower
Dalwah A Bucket; Container
Dalya Great
Dama Control Of The Senses
Damaa River,Sea - Ocean
Damalea A Beautiful Vision
Damaleah A Beautiful Vision
Damalee A Beautiful Vision
Damaleigh A Beautiful Vision
Damaley A Beautiful Vision
Damali Beautiful Vision
Damalie A Beautiful Vision
Damaly A Beautiful Vision
Dameetha One Of Good Manners; Simple
Damesha Small Noblewoman
Damia Untamed
Damien Untamed; To Tame; Subdue
Damira Long Live The World
Danah The Most Perfectly Sized,Valuable And Beautiful Pearl,From Denmark,Form Of Dana
Danamir TBD
Dananir Money
Danean Dane
Daneen Princess
Dania Judgement Day,God Is My Judge
Daniell God Is My Judge; God Has Judged
Danish-Ara Endowed With Wisdom,Learning
DanishAra Endowed With Wisdom; Learning
Daniya Near,Close
Daniyah Closer,Nearer
Danya God Is My Judge
Danyah Close; Near
Darakhshaan Shinning
Darakhshan Shinning
Dareen Wise
Daria Learned,Knowing
Dariya Learned
Dariyah Knowledgeable,Aware
Darra Oak Tree,Small Great One,Riches
Darrah Wise
Darsie Glimpse,Vision
Darwisa Glimpse; Reflection
Darya Sea,River,Possesses A Lot
Dasa Slave
Dastiaar Helper; Assistant
Daumaa Sea / Ocean
Dawha Lofty Tree With Many Branches,Family Tree
Dawlat Khatoon She Was From A Ruling Family
Dawlat-Khatoon She Was From A Ruling Family
Dawlath Riches; Wealth
DawlatKhatoon She Was From A Ruling Family
Dawmah TBD
Dawmat A Type Of Palm Tree
Dayana Gold
Dayanna Divine,God Like
Dayeah A Bird
Dayfah Guest
Daywa Lord / God; One Who Is Divine; Sun
Deanna Divine,Variant Of Diana
Dee Mother Of Perseus By Zeus,Fear
Deeba Obedience,Brocade,Silk
Deebaa Cloth Of Silk
Deebe Brocade; Gold Tissue
Deem Beautiful Rainbow After The Rain
Deema Rainy Cloud
Deemah Honestly
Deena Judge
Deenah Obedience
Del Del Is A Persian Name For Girls And Boys That Means Heart
Delara Delara Is A Persian Name For Girls And Boys That Means Beloved,Darling. Its Literal Meaning Is One Who Brings Happiness And Joy To The Hearts Of Others
Delaram Delaram Is A Persian Name For Girls And Boys That Means Peaceful-hearted,Tranquil-hearted,One Whose Heart Is At Peace
Delbar Delbar Is A Persian Name For Girls And Boys That Means Charming,Enticing,Captivating. Its Literal Meaning Is Capturer/hijacker Of The Heart
Delbaz Delbaz Is A Persian Name For Boys And Girls That Means In Love,One Whose Heart Has Been Captured By Someone Else
Deldar Deldar Is A Persian Name For Boys And Girls That Means In Love,Beloved,One Who Has A Lover. It Also Means Brave,Courageous. The Literal Meaning Of Deldar Is One Who Has A Heart,One Who Has A Sweetheart
Delila Hair; Lovelorn; Delicate; Weak
Delilah Joyous,Happy,Peaceful
Delisha Happy & Make Others Happy
Delishaa The One Who Gives Pleasure
Delkash Delkash Is A Persian Name For Girls And Boys That Means Captivating,Enticing,Charming. Its Literal Meaning Is Killer Of The Heart
Delnavaz Delnavaz Is A Persian Name For Girls And Boys That Means One Who Brings Peace And Tranquility To The Heart,One Who Consoles The Heart. Delnavaz Is Formed From Del (heart) And Navaz (one Who Consoles,One Who Comforts)
Delnawaz Delnawaz Is The Urdu Variant Of The Persian Girl And Boy Name Delnavaz Which Means One Who Comforts The Heart,One Who Consoles The Heart
Delnaz Delnaz Is A Persian Name For Girls That Means Beloved Of The Heart,Darling Of The Heart
Delnia Delnia Is A Kurdish Name For Girls That Means Calm,Serene,Tranquil,One Whose Heart Is At Peace
Delroba Delroba Is A Persian Name For Girls That Means Enticing,Captivating,Enchanting (i.e. Very Attractive). The Literal Meaning Of The Name Is Hijacker Of The Heart
Delshad Delshad Is A Persian Name For Boys And Girls That Means Happy,Joyful,Cheerful. It Is Formed From The Words Del (heart) And -shad (happy,Joyful),Thus The Literal Meaning Is Happy-hearted
Dema The Rainy Cloud
Deneen Avenged,Vindicated
Derakhshan Derakhshan Is A Persian Name For Girls That Means Shining Like The Sun,Brilliant,Dazzling
Derakhshandeh Derakhshandeh Is A Persian Name For Girls That Means Brilliant,Radiant,Glowing
Derifa Graceful
Deviya Divine; God Gift
Dhaakiraat Ones Who Remember God
Dhaakirah One Who Constantly Remembers And Glorifies Allah
Dhahab Gold
Dhahira Manifest
Dhakirah One Who Remembers God Frequently
Dhakiyah Bright,Intelligent,A Lady With Keen Perception And A Sharp Mind,An Intelligent Lady
Dhakiyyah A Lady With A Sharp Mind And Keen Perception,Intelligent
Dhana Wealthy; Goddess Lakshmi
Dhani Rich; Wealthy
Dhheiba TBD
Dhikraa Remembrance; Memory
Dhilaal Shades
Dhilshana Joy Of Heart
Dhiyaa Radiance; Light; Lamp
Dhuha Forenoon
Dhuhaa Mid Morning; Forenoon
Dhuka Name Of The Sun
Dhullah Dark Cloud
Dibaaj Dibaaj Is An Arabic Name For Boys And Girls That Refers To A Type Of Silk Cloth
Dibi Brocade; Gold Tissue
Didar Vision,Sight
Didja Nurse
Digna Worthy
Dihana Light; Deity
Dija Premature Baby
Dil Afroze Captivating,Attractive
Dilafroze Attractive; Captivating
Dilafruz Dilafruz Is A Persian Name For Girls That Means Bringer Of Happiness,Bringer Of Joy. The Literal Meaning Of This Name Is Enlightener Of The Heart,One Who Brings Light To The Heart
Dilalah Dilalah Is An Arabic Name For Girls That Means Guidance,Instruction
Dilara Beloved,One Who Decorates Heart
Dildar Charming,Beloved
Dileesha Delight
Dilfa Brave
Dilhasana TBD
Dilhasu Joy Of Heart
Dilisha Delight
Dilkash Attractive,Fascinating,Captivating
Dilkasha Captivating,Attractive
Dilksha TBD
Dilkusha Happy Heart
Dill Heart,True,Sincere,Genuine
Dilnaaz Beautiful Heart
Dilnar Good Heart
Dilnara Good Heart
Dilnashee Pleasing
Dilnasheeh Good Heart
Dilnaz Sweetheart
Dilruba Heart-ravishing; Beloved
Dilsa Wrestling Goddess
Dilsha Queen Of Heart
Dilshad Khatoon She Lived Between 730-750
Dilshad-Khatoon Excellent
Dilshada Beloved; Joyful; Cheerful
DilshadKhatoon She Lived Between 730-750
Dilshana Joy Of Heart
Dilshida Wisdom; Cheerful
Dilshidha Cheerful; Wisdom; Beloved
Dilshiya TBD
Dilwara Lovely
Dima Gentle Rain
Dimah Cloud Which Carries Rainwater
Dimna Convenient
Dina Love
Dinaaz Music; Religious Song
Dinah Avenged Or Judged And Vindicated