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Name Meaning
Za'nyah Beautiful,Unique
Zaaba A Precious Gem
Zaada Arabic For Prosperous,Increasing In Goodness
Zaafira Victorious; Successful,Victorious,Successful
Zaafirah One Who Is Victorious Or Successful,Victorious,Successful,Most Prosperous
Zaahida Hermit,Ascetic
Zaahidah A Hermit; A Lady Who Renounces This World And Devotes Herself Fully To Allah,Abstinent,Lacking Mundane Ambitions
Zaahira Zaahira Means A Beautiful Flower,Feminine Form Of ZAAHIR,Bright,Shining
Zaahirah Guest,A Blooming Flower; Of Bright And Lovely Colour,Lofty,An Outstanding Helper
Zaahiyah Beautiful; Brilliant; Glowing
Zaaida Shining,Bright
Zaaiirah Visitor,Guest
Zaain Beauty
Zaaisha Wishing Star,Beloved,Valuable
Zaakira TBD
Zaakirah One Who Constantly Remembers And Glorifies Allah
Zaakiya One Who Increases In Growth
Zaakiyah A Lady With Keen Perception And A Sharp Mind; An Intelligent Lady,Zaakiyah Is An Arabic Name For Girls That Means One Who Increases In Growth And Goodness,Virtuous,Blessed
Zaamat Power,Authority,Command,Glory,Honour
Zaaminah One Who Stands Surety For Another One Who Helps
Zaara Beautiful Flower,Brave
Zaaria Zaaria Is A Kurdish Name For Girls That Means Ocean,Great Sea. It Is A Variant Of Zaria. It May Also Be Spelled As Zaria,Zarya And Others
Zaaya Destiny,Shining,Gift Of God
Zaayesha Wishing Star
Zaaynah Beautiful
Zababa Leader,Head,Chief
Zabaidah TBD
Zabana Flame (of A Candle),Flame Of A Candle
Zabee Gazelle
Zabeebat Syrup
Zabeeha Perfect
Zabeen Fair And Beautiful
Zabeena The Eye Of The Storm
Zabi Zabi Or Dhabi Is An Arabic Name For Boys And Girls That Means Gazelle,Antelope. The Name Of The City And State Of Abu Dhabi In The United Arab Emirates Comes From This Word
Zabia Like Deer
Zabin Flower Blooming
Zabira Arabic For With Great Knowledge,Extremely Wise
Zabiyah She Was The Daughter Of Al-Barra Bin Maroor,She Reported Hadith From The Prophet PBUH,Daughter Of Al-barra Bin Maroor
Zabra TBD
Zabreen Persian For Highest,Most Sublime,Dominant,Exalted,Upright
Zabrina Fruitful Desert Flower,Of Noble Birth,Royal,Noble Woman,Sabrina,Princess,A Legendary Goddess
Zabya Zabya Means A Beautiful Gazelle,Female Gazelle
Zabyn Pretty
Zackiya Intelligent
Zackyia Princess Of Love; Fearless
Zada The Lucky One,Lucky One,Fortunate,Prosperous
Zadreana Flower
Zaeemah Leader,An Extraordinary Leader
Zaerana TBD
Zafaa Zafaa Is An Arabic Name For Girls That Means Side,Proximity,Growth,Increase
Zafana TBD
Zafar Victory,Triumph
Zafeera One Who Is A Source Of Success; Triumphant,One Who Is A Source Of Success,A Successful Lady,Successful Lady
Zafeerah Firm,One Who Is Firm
Zaffrah TBD
Zaffren To Have Will Power
Zaffrin To Have Will Power; Beautiful
Zafiah TBD
Zafina Victorious
Zafira Victorious,Triumphant,Successful,Winner,Conqueror Fem. Of Zafir,Success
Zafirah Victorious,Successful,Of Firm And Resolute Intention,Ascetic,Victory
Zafirah, Zaafirah Victorious,Successful
Zafiya Narrator Of Hadith,Daughter Of Muhammad Bin Bisharah
Zafrat Strong
Zafreen Victorious,Knowledgable,Intelligent
Zafreena Victorious; Intelligent
Zafrina Saffron Flower
Zafwat Affluence,Plenty,Complete
Zaghalil Zaghalil Is An Arabic Name For Girls That Means Cute,Adorable,Lovable. It Is The Plural Of Zughlool
Zagheefat Green,Blooming,Fresh
Zagheeghat Abundance,Affluence,Multitude
Zaghlula Young Pigeon,Fem. Of Zaghlul
Zaghlulah Young Pigeon
Zaghrab Flowing Abundantly,Deep
Zaha Radiance,Splendor
Zahaa Zahaa Is The Name Of A Girl Meaning Morning,Radiance,Brilliance
Zahaara Flower; Radiance
Zahab Gold
Zahabia Golden,Precious
Zahabiya Gold
Zahabiyya Golden; Precious
Zahabiyyah Golden; Precious
Zahara Flower,Beauty,Star
Zaharah Brilliant Bright Rose Flower
Zaharin Beautiful
Zahariya TBD
Zahavah Arabic: Victorious,Successful
Zahba Strong; Pure; Rich; Popular
Zahbia Beautiful
Zaheeda Beautiful
Zaheema Beautiful
Zaheen Intelligent,Sagacious,Ingenious,Intellectual,Clever,Fast,Sharp
Zaheena Arabic For Intelligent,Intellectual,Deep-thinker
Zaheera Assistant,Ally,Friend,Helper,Supporter,Protector,Patron Fem. Of Zahir,Shining,Brilliant,Luminous
Zaheeraa Zahiraa Is An Arabic Name For Girls That Means Radiant,Brilliant
Zaheeya Beautiful
Zahera TBD
Zahereen Light From Precious Metal
Zaherrah Helper; Assistant
Zahia Brilliant,Glowing,Shining,Feminine Form Of ZAHI,Pious,Noble,Grand,Great
Zahian Light and Radiance.It's an indirect Quranic name for boys and girls meaning bright day, brilliant, full of light. It is derived from the DHAD-H6-Y root which is used in many places in the Quran. BLANKENTER [Moses] said, Your appointment is on the day of the festival when the people assemble at mid-morning.(Quran 20:59)
Zahida Devout,Pious,Religious,Ascetic,A Hermit,Self-denying,Feminine Form Of ZAHID,,Beautiful,Hermit
Zahida Bano Pious Princess
Zahida Sultana Pious Queen
Zahidabano Pious Princess
Zahidah Abstinent,Ascetic,Abstentious
Zahidasultana Pious Queen
Zahidha Ascetic; Beautiful
Zahiera Brilliant; Luminous; Expression
Zahir Apparent,Evident,One Of The Attributes Of Allah,Bright,Brilliant,Distinguished,Lofty
Zahira Blossoming Flower,Shining; Luminous,Bright,Brilliant,Shining,Luminous,Distinguished,Lofty
Zahirah Obvious,Shining,Luminous,Brilliant
Zahireen TBD
Zahirrah Luminous,Shining
Zahisha Proud Of Culture
Zahiya Beautiful,Bright Face
Zahiyya Bright Face; Beautiful
Zahna A River Name In Switzerland
Zahnaya TBD
Zahoora TBD
Zahou Zahou Is An Arabic Name For Boys And Girls That Means Beautiful View,Beautiful Appearance,A Plant That Is In Full Bloom
Zahr Poison
Zahra Beautiful,Bright,Brilliant,Radiant,Shining,Blooming Flower,Luminous,Fem. Of Azhar,Fair,White,Flower,From Kikuyu,Blossom,Boldness,Form Of Sarah,Princess,Heavenly,Light Breeze
Zahra, Zahraa White
Zahraa Lady Of Jannah,White
Zahraa’ Beautiful; Also The Name Of The Lady Of Jannah,Faatamaah (RA)
Zahrah Beauty,The Planet Venus,Spirit; Courage; Power; Freshness; Flower,Flower,Star,Blossom,White
Zahrai TBD
Zahrain Beautiful Flower
Zahrayn TBD
Zahreen TBD
Zahreh TBD
Zahrina Beautiful
Zahrine TBD
Zahrish Golden; Precious; Shining Flower
Zahrisha Golden; Precious
Zahriyyah Zahriyyah Is An Arabic Name For Girls That Means Flower-like,Flower Vase
Zahwaah Beauty; Pretty
Zahwah Beauty,Pretty
Zahyaa Zahyaa Is An Arabic Name For Girls That Means Bright,Pure. It Also Means Clear,Moon-lit Night
Zaiah Popular,Well-known
Zaib Beauty,Beautiful,Grace,Elegance,Adoring,Decoration
Zaiba Beautiful. Adorned,Beautiful,Adorned
Zaibaa Beautiful,Adorned
Zaibi Invisible
Zaibuneesa TBD
Zaibunisa TBD
Zaibunissa TBD
Zaibunnisa TBD
Zaibunnissa TBD
Zaid Growth,Increase
Zaida She Was A Very Devoted Worshipper About Whose Worship The Prophet (S.A.W) Also Learnt; She Was The Freed Slave Of Sayyidina Umar Bin Al-Khattab,A Very Devoted Worshipper,Arabic: Self-denying,Ascetic,Abstemious; If Accent Is Placed On The Second Syllable,Means Moderate,Little,Trifling,Insignificant,She Was A Very Devoted Worshipper About Whose Worship The Prophet (S.A.W) Also Learnt; She Was The Freed Slave Of Sayyidina Umar Bin Al-Khattab,Increasing,Exceeding,Excessive,Growing,Surplus,Good Fortune,Fem. Of Zaid,She Was A Very Devoted Worshipper About Whose Worship The Prophet (S.A.W) Also Learnt,She Was The Freed Slave Of Sayyidina Umar Bin Al-Khattab,Abundance,Fortunate,Prosperous
Zaidee Arabic: Dazzling,Splendor
Zaifa Gift Of God; Love
Zaigham Lion
Zaighama Arabic For Lioness
Zaiha Friendly,Likeable,Eternity
Zaika Delicious
Zaima Leader
Zain Beautiful,Pretty,Beauty,Grace,Ornament,Honour,Good
Zain, Zayn Beauty
Zaina Beautiful,Arabic: Increases,Grows,Fem. Of Zayn,Embellishment,Adornment,Decoration,Ornament
Zainab Daughter of the prophet (pbuh), Decorated or ornamented tree, Prophets wife., Generous,Name of a beautiful tree exuding fragrance ,Decorated or ornamented tree,Names of two wives and one daughter of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and one daughter of Khalifa Ali ,corruption of Zenubia, pre-Islam Syrian queen., Name of Prophet's Daughter, Daughter of the Prophet Muhammad, Decorated or Ornamented Tree, Fragrant or Beautiful Plant
Zainab, Zaynab An Ornamented Tree; Name Of The Daughter Of The Prophet
Zainaba Most Beautiful
Zainabah It's an Arabic name for girls that refers to a type of tree that grows flowers that have a good scent.It is the general name of the tree, while Zainabah means one Zainab tree. No Arabic sources mention what tree or plant Zainab exactly is, they only mention that it is a beautiful tree with good-scented flowers.
Zainabu Arabic: Lucky,Bountiful; Also Used In Auction Language,Meaning To Outbid Another
Zainba Beautiful (Two Words Zain & Ba)
Zaine One Who Is Bold
Zaineb Muhammad,Wife
Zaini Cheerful; Pretty; Beautiful
Zainish Most Beautiful
Zainisha Most Beautiful
Zainton TBD
Zainu Pretty; Cheerful; Beautiful
Zainunnisa Beautiful; Obeident
Zaira of Arabic Zahrah, meaning 'blooming flower.'
Zairah Visitor,Guest
Zairana TBD
Zaire Powerfull
Zaireen TBD
Zairi Light Of God
Zairisha Precious; Golden
Zaishah Beloved
Zaiton Olive
Zaitoon Olive
Zaitoona Olive
Zaitun The Olive Tree Or The Olive Fruit
Zaituna Olive,Fem. Of Zaytun,Feminine Of Zaytun
Zaiva Strong Mind
Zaiwa Bright
Zaiyana Blessing From Heaven
Zakaa Arabic For Intelligence,Cleverness
Zakat Zakat Is An Arabic Name For Boys And Girls That Means Purification. In Islam It Refers To A Type Of Alms That Wealthy Muslims Give To Others