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New Born Unique and Beautiful Muslim Boy Names by Q. Get Muslim Baby Boy Names That Starts From Alphabet Q

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Name Meaning
Qaabeel Famous Son Of Adam (Adam) Alayhe Salam,Famous Son Of Adam
Qaabil Acceptor,Next,Able
Qaabis Learned
Qaabiz It Means The Special One Among The Ninety
Qaadhee Magistrate,Justice,Judge
Qaadir Capable,Powerful,Mighty,An Attribute Applied To Allah Almighty. Name,Abdul Qaadir
Qaadireen Able One
Qaadiroon Able One
Qaaf Big Mountain
Qaahir Conqueror,Victorious
Qaaid Qaaid is an Arabic name for boys that means leader, chief., Variant of Qa'id, Steersman, Leader
Qaailah Name Of A Sahabiyyah(RA)
Qaaim Standing person, steadfast., Variant of Qa'im, Upright, Stable
Qaaimoon TBD
Qaanay Satisfied,Contended
Qaani Satisfied, contented., Variant of Qani', Satisfied, Content
Qaaniah Contented,Satisfied
Qaanit Satisfied,Contented
Qaaniteen Devout / Pious One
Qaari Reciter (of The Holy Quran),Reciter Of The Holy Quran
Qaasid A Messenger; Courier; Envoy
Qaasim One Who Distributes,Name Of The Beloved Son Of Rasoolullah Sallallaahu-alayhi-wasallam,Also His Attribute
Qaayed Leader
Qaazi (Qaadi) Judge,Justice,Judge
Qabbaab Lion
Qabeel Son Of Sayyidina Aadam
Qabeer TBD
Qabid One Boy Who Is Blessed By Allah,The ConstrictorA Name For Allah,Good Boy
Qabil Son Of Adam,Acceptor,Next,Able,Another Name For God,Efficient,Skilful
Qabilaa Qabilaa Is An Arabic Name For Boys That Means Accepter,Approver. It Is A Variant Of Qabilah
Qabir Very Good
Qabis Intelligent,Educated And Intellectual | Wise,Wisdom And Decisiveness
Qabisah TBD
Qabiz One Of The Ninety,One Of The Ninety-nine Names Of God
Qablan Qablan Is An Arabic Name For Boys That Means Advancer,Accepter
Qabool Accepted,Accreditec,Appreciated
Qaboos Beautiful Face
Qabus Handsome
Qadamu-Sidq The Leader
Qadar Divine Destiny,Add Meaning
Qadarat A Lover Of Nature
Qaddar Qaddar Is An Arabic Name For Boys That Means Arranger,Organizer
Qaddur Capable
Qadeem Ancient,Antique
Qadeer Powerful,Very Kind Hearted And Honest,Powerful; Mighty,Capable
Qader Powerful
Qadhi He Who Judges Situations With Justice,Magistrate,Justice,Judge
Qadi Judge,He Who Can Judge The Life
Qadiel Powerful; Strength; King
Qadim Ancient,Arabic: Ancient,Antique,Old,Primitive,Without Any Beginning Or End
Qadiman Qadiman Is An Arabic Name For Boys That Means Ancient,Age-old,Time-honored
Qadimi Qadimi Is An Arabic Name For Boys That Means Advancer,One Who Goes Forward,One Who Comes
Qadir Capable,Powerful,Skillful,Capable Origin Islamic,Brave,Courageous,All-powerful,Able
Qadirin Able One
Qadirun Able One
Qadoom Qadoom Is An Arabic Name For Boys That Means Brave,Bold
Qadr Dignity,Destiny,Value
Qadriyah Gentle,Kind,Pleasant,Friendly
Qaeed TBD
Qahaar The Subduer,The Almighty
Qahhar A Dominant Person And Stringent Follower Of Allah,The Subduer A Name For Allah,Dominant
Qahir One Who Conquers Victoriously,Conqueror,Subduer,Victorious,Courageous,Brave,Destructor
Qahtan Name Of A Tribe,A Traditional Tribe In Arabia
Qaid One Who Can Command His Men,Leader,Commander,Steersman
Qaim Rising,Standing,Existing,Well-grounded,Another Name For Prophet Muhammad
Qaimaq The Bestower Of Goodness
Qaimun TBD
Qairo One Who Is Victorious
Qairuddin Boon Of Religion (Islam)
Qais Lover,He Who Is Firm,Firm
Qaisaan TBD
Qaisar Another Form Of Caesar
Qaiser Caesar,Emperor
Qaishaan TBD
Qaishan Wish; King Of Love
Qaiyoum Self Sustaining
Qajeer Gul A Lovable Person Who Cares For His Children
Qalam One Who Carves Beautifully With A Pen
Qalandar He Who Lives Alone,One Who Lives In Solitude
Qalander Sufi Spiritualist
Qalat TBD
Qaleeb Qaleeb Is An Arabic Name For Boys And Girls That Means Well,A Hole In The Ground From Which Water (or Other Materials) Is Acquired
Qamar Moon,The Moon;,Being Like A Moon,The Moon. Al-Qamar,The Moon,Satellite
Qamargull TBD
Qamari Qamari Is An Arabic Name For Boys And Girls That Means Moon-like,Meaning Bright,Radiant,Good-looking
Qamaruddin Moon Of The Religion (Islam),Moon Of The Religion Islam
Qamarullah Qamarullah Is An Arabic Name For Boys That Means Moon Of God,Meaning Someone Who Is Extremely Good-looking
Qamarur Rahman Qamarurrahman Is An Arabic Name For Boys That Means Moon Of Ar-Rahman,Which Means Moon Of God Since Ar-Rahman Is One Of The Names Of God. The Name Can Be Interpreted To Mean A Brilliant Servant Of God
Qamarurrahman Moon Of God
Qamarus Salam Qamarussalam Is An Arabic Name For Boys That Means Moon Of Peace,A Person Who Creates Peace. Since As-Salam Is One Of The Names Of God,Qamarussalam Can Also Mean Moon Of God,Meaning A Brilliant Servant Of God
Qamarussalam One Who Create Peace,Moon Of God
Qamayr Gentle,Kind,Pleasant,Friendly
Qamirah He Who Is Shining Like Moonlight
Qammar It Resembles The Qualities Of The Lunar Month
Qamrani Qamrani Is An Arabic Name For Boys That Means Moonlit,White Like The Moon
Qamrul TBD
Qamrun As Calm Like A Moon,Qamrun Is An Arabic Name For Boys And Girls That Means Moon,Being A Pet Form Of Qamar
Qandil Lamp
Qani Content,Satisfied
Qanit Obedient,Submissive,Humble,God-fearing,Obedient And Humble Man
Qanitin Devout / Pious Ones
Qanitun A Person Who Is Devoted To God
Qaraar Rest,Firmness
Qaraja Living Under The Power Of Allah,Add Meaning
Qarar Rest,Firmness
Qaree Reader,Reciter
Qareeb Near,One Who Near To God
Qareebah Near
Qareen Qareen Is An Arabic Name For Boys And Girls That Means Friend,Companion
Qarezni Trust Worthy; Patient; Kind
Qari Qari Is An Arabic Name For Boys That Means Reciter,Reader,Especially A Person Who Recites The Quran,Reciter
Qarib Another Name For God,Proximity,Poetic Meter
Qarin One Who Is Impatient Like The Sea,The Ocean
Qarni Sharp,Sharpness Of A Sword
Qarun A Man Rich In His Soul
Qaseem Share,Portion,He Who Divides Justly,Destiny,Divides
Qaseet Just,Fair
Qasem Divider
Qasheeb Fresh; Clean
Qasid Messenger,Messenger Of God,Courier
Qasidul Haq He Who Spreads The World Of Allah
Qasidul-Haq Courier Of The Truth (Allah)
QasidulHaq Courier Of The Truth (Allah)
Qasiem One Who Shares
Qasif Discover
Qasim Divider,Distributor,One Who Divides
Qasimi Distributor,Divider
Qasimuddin One Who Judges Between People
Qasit Fair
Qasmun Good-looking; Handsome
Qassab Earner; Winner
Qassam Handsome,Name Of A Great Mujahid - Izzu Deen-al-qassam
Qassim Divider; Distributor
Qaswar Lion; Strong Young Man
Qaswari Brave; Valiant; Like A Lion
Qataadah Name Of A Sahabi Who Participated In The Battle Of Badr
Qataawah Companion
Qatadah A Hardwood Tree,Name Of A Companion Of The Prophet,Tree With Hard Wood
Qatawah A Companion
Qateef Fruit Picker
Qateel He Who Sacrifices His Life For Allah
Qati'i Muhammad Ibn Yahya,A Student Of Hadith Had This Name
Qatii Student
Qatn TBD
Qavi Knowledge
Qawamin Upright
Qawamun One In Charge,Protector
Qawee Strong,Powerful,The Powerful Follower Of Allah
Qaweei Strong
Qawi A Man Who Is Firm And Strong By Heart,Strong,Powerful,Firm,Mighty,One Of The Names Of Allah
Qawiyy Powerful,Strong,Firm,An Attribute Of Allah Almighty
Qawwaameen Upright
Qay-yoom Everlasting
Qayam Immortal; Another Name For God
Qayamuddin Faithful; Handsome
Qayim TBD
Qayim-Ali Stand Position
Qayoom Lord Of Universe
Qays Firm
Qays, Qais Firm
Qayyam Another Name For God,Immortal
Qayyim Another Name For The Quran,Just,Strong
Qayyoom Sustainer; Guardian
Qayyum Eternal,Everlasting,An Epithet Applied To Allah
Qazafi One Who Lives In Vast Forest
Qazi One Who Is Just And Kind,Judge,Justice
Qazim The One Who Imprison His Anger
Qazzafi Wide,Spacious,Extensive
Qeehael The Biblical Cain Is The English Language Equivalent
Qhalif TBD
Qhizer TBD
Qiblah Qiblah Is An Arabic Name For Boys And Girls That Means Direction,Especially The Direction Of The Kaaba In Mecca,Saudi Arabia,Which The Muslims Face During Formal Prayer
Qidam So Powerful And Respected By All,Add Meaning
Qihael The Biblical Cain Is The English Language Equivalent
Qimat Value
Qindil The Light Of The Family,Qindil Is An Arabic Name For Boys And Girls That Means Oil Lamp,A Lamp That Burns Oil,Such As Olive Oil,To Give Off Light
Qiraan Joined; Unity; Associated; United
Qiran Unity,Joined,Associated
Qirath Beautiful Recitation
Qirni Qirni Is An Arabic Name For Boys That Means Capable,Able
Qirtas Qirtas Is An Arabic Name For Boys That Menas Paper,Sheet Of Paper,Roll Of Parchment
Qismat Fate,Destiny
Qiwaam Support
Qiwam Support,Prop
Qiwamuddin Support Of The Religion (Islam),Support Of The Religion Islam
Qiyaam To Stand Upright
Qiyam Qiyam Is An Arabic Name For Boys And Girls That Means To Stand Up Late At Night To Pray. The Word Is Used In Many Places In The Quran,Such As 25:64.There Is Another Arabic Word Qiyam Which Means Values,A Persons Principles Or Standards And What He/she Consider Important In Life
Qizar Emperor; King
Qobad Qobad Is A Persian Name For Boys That Means Beloved King
Qonain TBD
Qssim Divides
Qtatdah TBD
Quadeer TBD
Quadir Strong