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Egyptian Baby Names With Meaning

Unique and Beautiful Egyptian Baby Boy and Girl Names with Meaning

List of Muslim baby names of Egyptian origin. Names are listed Alphabetically and gender-wise. There are many religions in Egyptian origin, but our website is dedicated to Helping parents of the Muslim Community to choose baby names for newborn kids. Choose the best name from the list below for your little one.

Egyptian Girl Names Alphabetically


Egyptian Boy Names Alphabetically


Blue Color Represent Boy and Pink Represent Girl Names
Name Meaning
A'dab Hope And Need
A'dil Having The Highest Caliber Of Justice
A'idah Guest, the one who's returning
A'ishah Wife Of The Prophet (SAW)
A'li Exaulted,Noble,Highest Social Standing
A'mal Hopes,Aspirations
A'shadieeyah Princess,Cute,Perfect
Aa'idah Name Of A Narrator Of Hadith
Aa'ishah A Prosperous,Happy And Fortunate Lady
Aaaqil Wise; Intelligent; Sensible
Aaarabisk TBD
Aabad A Great Worshiper Of Allah
Aaban Name Of The Angel,Clear,Eloquent,Lucid,Distinct,8th Persian Month,Angel Of Iron
Aabdar Full Moon,Moonlight,Early,Quick,Bright,Like Glass
Aabdeen Worshipper
Aabel Breath
Aabha Shine,Glow,Sun Rays,Strength
Aabia God Is My Father
Aabid Worshiper,One Who Is A True Worshiper Of Allah,Adorer,Devout
Aabida Devoted,Worshiper Of Allah
Aabidah The Meaning Of The Name Aabidah Is Worshipper Of Allah
Aabideen Worshippers
Aabidh Worshipper
Aabidoon Worshipper Of God
Aabidullah Worshiper Of Allah
Aabinus Ebony
Aabir Fragrance,Scent,Aroma
Aabir Passing By,Crossing,Travelling On A Road,One Who Interprets Dreams/books
Aabira One Who Interprets Dreams/books,
Aabirah Fleeting,Transitory,Ephemeral
Aabis Austere,Stern
Aabis Stern,Lucky,Fierce-faced,Good
Aabish Daughter of Sa'd who was a queen of Iran (AN)
Aabraham TBD
Aabriq TBD
Aabroo Honour,Fame,Dignity
Aada To Bind; Fasten
Aadab Hope,Need,Hope And Need
Aadam Name Of The First Man And Prophet Of Allah; Father Of Mankind,Name Of The First Man And Prophet Of Allah,Father Of Mankind. It Comes From The Name Adeem,Which Means Dust,Also Can Be Interpreted As Dust/surface Since Allah Created Adam From Surface Of The Earth,The Biblical Adam Is The English Language Equivalent,Man,Earth
Aadeel It means 'just' or 'upright'
Aadeen TBD
Aadeez Beloved,Dearest,Treasured
Aadel Reasonable
Aaden Warmth Of The Home; Fire; Flame
Aadham TBD
Aadheen Obedient,Submissive
Aadhil A Person Who Is Virtuous With Excellent Character. Aadhil Also Means One Whose Actions Are Just And Fair,Honourable Judge,One Who Judges Fairly
Aadhila Honesty; Just; Upright; Justice
Aadiba Polite; Cultured; Respect Giving
Aadifa One Which We Can Proud
Aadil Just,Upright,Justice,Honorable,Righteous,Noble,One Who Acts With Justice And Fairness,Moderate,Virtuous,Excellent In Character,Sincere
Aadila Just,Honest,Equal,Upright,One Who Is Righteous And High In Moral,Mannered,Cultured,Polite,Virtuous,One Who Acts With Justice And Fairness,Excellent In Character
Aadilah Just; Upright; Sincere; Righteous
Aadin First,At The Very Beginning
Aadina Friday
Aadiqa TBD
Aadir Origin; Beginning
Aadiya Beginning,First Power
Aaedah TBD
Aaeedah Visiting,Returning,Reward
Aaeefa Gift; Gift Of God
Aaeesha Life,Vivaciousness,Living Prosperous,Youngest Wife Of The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh),Youngest Wife Of The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
Aaeeshah Living Prosperous,Life
Aaeeza Beautiful; Obedient
Aaema Leader; Ruler
Aaen Precious
Aaera Honourable,Noble,Respectful
Aaerin Enlightened
Aaesha Obedient
Aaeza Beautiful; Pretty; Obedient
Aaezah Obedient
Aaf Forgiveness And Forgiving
Aafa Forgiver,Pardoner,One Who Forgives
Aafa Forgiver,Pardoner,One Who Forgives
Aafaaq Horizons
Aafan Forgive
Aafana Virtuous; Chaste; The Forgiver
Aafaq Horizons,The Place Where The Earth & Sky Meet
Aafaque Horizon
Aafeen Forgiveness
Aafera Colour Of The Earth
Aafia Good Health,Free From All Worried
Aafida Hearts; Consciences
Aafifa TBD
Aafii Honesty
Aafika Knowledge
Aafil Honest; Prince
Aafila Intelligent
Aafina Young Doe
Aafiq Intelligent,Educated And Intellectual,Knowlegde
Aafiqa Generosity,Knowledge
Aafir TBD
Aafira One Who Waters A Plant For The First Time,A Person Who Gives The First Water To A Seed Or Plant That Has Just Been Put In The Soil
Aafiya Good Health
Aafiya Good Health,One Who Is A Picture Of Perfect Health,Free From Illness And Grief,Away From All Problems,Narrator Of Hadith,Bin Ayyub Had This Name
Aafiyah Healthy
Aafiyana Healthy
Aafiza TBD
Aafra White; Colour Of Earth; Happiness
Aafrah Happiness
Aafree Beautiful; Happiness
Aafreeda Created,Produced
Aafreen Encouragement,Sun
Aafreen Brave,Acclaim,Encouragement
Aafreena Enlightenment
Aafrim Fruitful; Productive; Fertile
Aafrin Lucky; Happiness; Praise
Aafsha The Woman Who Is Powerful And Complete
Aafsheen Shine Like A Star
Aaftab It Is Used To Mean The Brilliance Of The Sun,The Sun
Aafya Health; Freedom From Illness
Aafyan Great King / Leader,Emperor
Aafzaan TBD
Aafzan TBD
Aagaz Start; Beginning
Aaghaa Master,Owner
Aaghaa The Name Aaghaa Means Chief Or Leader
Aaghaaz Awake
Aahaan Auspicious Dawn,Sword
Aahad Servant Of The Only One
Aahail Thankful
Aahan Iron,Sword,Dawn,Early Morning
Aahana First Rays Of The Sun
Aaheel Prince; King
Aaheer Fearless; Devotee
Aahga Leader
Aahid Sponsor,Representative,Promised
Aahida Strong; Beautiful
Aahik TBD
Aahil Prince
Aahila Pleasant
Aahin Pure
Aahir Dazzling; Brilliant
Aahira Brilliant; Dazzling
Aahna Exist,Beautiful,Traditional
Aahnaf Name Of The Narrator Of Hadith
Aahnan TBD
Aahona First Ray Of Sun; Morning
Aaiat Verses; Clue; Signs
Aaid Restore
Aaida Returner,Visitor Of The Sick,Visiting,Returning,Reward,Present,Visitor
Aaidah Narrator Of Hadith
Aaidam TBD
Aaidha A Flame; Splendour
Aaidun Aaidun Is An Arabic Name For Boys That Means [those Who Are] Returning
Aaiefa Beautiful; Forgiver
Aaiela Beautiful; Moonlight
Aaiema Leader
Aaiera Honourable; Noble; Respectful
Aaif Fearless; Friend
Aaifa Forgiver; Fearless
Aaifah Forgiver
Aaila Beautiful,Attractive And Charming,Halo Of The Moon And Figuratively It Means Beautiful,Brilliant,Like Moon
Aailayah TBD
Aaima One Who Leads,To Make A Subtle Gesture,Mark,Insignia,To Quote Or Reference Something,Leader,Ruler
Aaiman Righteous; Door Of The Paradise
Aaina Mirror,Reflection
Aainaa Pure; Mirror; The Only One
Aainah Reflection; Mirror
Aaini Flower; Spring; The Eye
Aaira Noble,Respectful,Respected,Honorable,Honourable
Aairaa Honourable; Respectful
Aairah Noble,Respectful
Aairha Respectable
Aairin Unique
Aaisa Obedient; Lively Person
Aaisah Woman; Life; Also Spelt As Aisha
Aaish God Blessings
Aaisha Lively ; Womanly,Obedient
Aaishaa TBD
Aaishah A Lively Person
Aaishu Obedient,God Blessings
Aaisya TBD
Aaiz Arabic For Replacement,Something Fills The Place Of Another Thing,A Gift From Allah Given To You In Place Of Something That Was Taken From You
Aaiza Replacement,Something Fills The Place Of Another Thing,A Gift From Allah Given To You In Place Of Something That Was Taken From You
Aaizaa Respected
Aaizah Radiance; The Moon; Dear One
Aaizan Fire; Soul Of The Moon
Aaizulrahman Great
Aajaan TBD
Aajad Independence
Aajam Respectable; Great
Aajira A Winner
Aajisa Strong - Proud
Aajmee Moon
Aakeeb TBD
Aakeel World
Aakeerah Graceful Strength
Aaki --,Eye
Aakib God Gift
Aakiba Cute
Aakif Devoted To,Dedicated To,Persevering In,Busily Engaged,Attached,Intent,Given
Aakifa Worship Allah In Solitude
Aakifah Devoted,Dedicated,One Who Is Completely Dedicated To Allah,Woman Who Dedicated Her Life For Allah,A Lady Who Worships Allah In Solitude
Aakifeen TBD