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New Born Unique and Beautiful Muslim Girl Names by H. Get Muslim Baby Girl Names That Starts From Alphabet H

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Name Meaning
Haadiya Guide To Righteousness,Calm
Haadiyah A Gift From God ; A Righteous Woman,A Director,A Leader,A Guide
Haafidhaat Protectors
Haafira TBD
Haafiya Kind
Haafiza Protector
Haafizah Having A Good Memory,One Who Knows The Whole Quran By Heart
Haajar Hard As A Rock
Haajara Prophet Ismail's Mother
Haajira Terrific
Haajirah The Wife Of Hazrat Ibrahim,Peace Be Upon Him,The Wife Of Hazrat Ibrahim (Peace Be Upon Him)
Haajrah TBD
Haakima TBD
Haala Aureole,Lunar Halo,Glory
Haalah A Crescent Shaped Ear-ring,Name Of The Sister Of Hazrat Khadija Tul Kubraa (RA)
Haalimah Dreaming
Haameda One Who Praises Allah
Haami Protector
Haamida God Loving
Haamidah One Who Praises
Haani Happy,Delighted,Content,Pleasant
Haaniya One Who Is Pleased ; Happy,Happy,Delighted
Haaritha TBD
Haarithah Name Of A Sahabi Who Participated In The Battle Of Badr
Haaritheh A Heavenly Messenger
Haazima Generosity, Prophet's Grandfather
Haazira Intelligent; Wise
Hababa Two Lovers
Hababah A Daughter Of Ajlan; She Was A Narrator Of Hadith,A Daughter Of Ajlan,She Was A Narrator Of Hadith
Habaq Habaq Is An Arabic Name For Boys And Girls That Refers To A Group Of Plants Known As Ocimum In English,The Best Known Plant Among Which Is Basil
Habat Habat Is An Arabic Name For Girls That Means Mass Of Clouds That Hover Close To The Land
Habbai One Who Is Much Loved
Habbay One Who Is Much Loved
Habbaye One Who Is Much Loved
Habbiba Beloved One; Gift From God
Habeba Sweetheart; Beloved
Habeeba Lovable Girl,Beloved,Sweetheart,Darling; A Wife Of The Prophet,A Comrade,A Friend,Darling,A Wife Of The Prophet
Habeekah Wave,Wave Of The Sea,Curl Of The Hair
Habeesa Good Character; Of The Highlands
Habiba Beloved,Sweetheart,Darling,Beloved(female Form),Friend,Fem. Of Habib,Form Of Habib,Beloved One
Habibah Beloved,Sweetheart,Darling,A Wife Of The Prophet,Loved One
Habibeh Beloved
Habibi Loved One; Beloved
Habibiyyah Habibiyyah Is An Arabic Name For Girls That Means Beloved,Loving
Habibu Beloved
Habiibii My Beloved,My Love
Habika Sweetheart
Habikah The Road
Habisha Of The Highlands
Habita Curious
Habiyyah Habiyyah Is An Arabic Name For Girls That Means Little Girl
Habiza Companion
Hablah A Woman Who Earns A Lot
Habon Helpful; Hopeful; Kindness
Haboos Name Of A Kind And Benevolent Noble Lady Who Lived In Lebanon,This Was The Name Of Noble Lady Who Was Kind And Benevolent She Lived In Lebanon
Habriyah Habriyah Is An Arabic Name For Girls That Means Blessed,Virtuous,Knowledgeable
Habsa Daughter Of Prophet Umme Hani
Habsha Born To Hanif
Hadaaiq Garden
Hadah She Who Radiates Joy; Ornament
Hadahid Hadahid Is An Arabic Name For Girls That Means Hoopoes,The Plural Of Hudhud (hoopoe),Which Is A Colorful Bird Mentioned In The Quran In The Story Of Prophet Sulaiman (Solomon Son Of David),Peace Be Upon Him
Hadaiq Garden
Hadal Peaceful
Hadara Adorned With Beauty,Splendid
Hadarah Adorned With Beauty,Splendid
Hadaya Pl. Of Hadiya,Gift,Present
Hadbaa With Long Eye Lashes,One With Long Eye Lashes
Hadda Noble,One Who Radiates
Haddiqa TBD
Hadeal Cooing Of Pigeons; Cooing
Hadeefa TBD
Hadeel Resembling A Dove,To Coo (like A Dove),Bird
Hadeeqa Gorgeus,Gorgeous
Hadeeqah Garden
Hadees Hadees,Which Is An Easier Pronunciation Of Hadeeth,Is A Direct Quranic Name For Boys And Girls That Means Speech,Dialog,New,Modern. Hadeeth Is Used Commonly To Refer To The Sayings Of Prophet Muhammad,Peace And Blessings Of Allah Upon Him. Allah Refers To The Quran As Ahsan Al-Hadeeth (the Most Excellent Speech)
Hadeesa TBD
Hadeeth Speech; Storey; Narrations; News
Hadeil Cooing; Cooing Of Pigeons
Hadeya Arabic: Gift,Offering; Also A Spelling Variant Of Hadya,Meaning Quiet,Well-behaved
Hadfah Hadfah Is An Arabic Name For Girls That Means Aim,Target
Hadhiqah Intelligent,Active
Hadhirah Sweet Smelling,Smart,Leader,Sweet-smelling,A Leader
Hadhiya Gift Of God
Hadi No Limit
Hadia One Who Guides In Religion,Guide To Righteousness,Feminine Form Of Arabic Hadi,
Hadiah Guide To Righteousness
Hadida TBD
Hadiel Cooing; Cooing Of Pigeons
Hadifa TBD
Hadifah TBD
Hadil Is The Voice Of A Dove,Resembling A Dove,Cooing (of A Dove) In Arabic,Cooing Like A Pigeon
Hadina Guide To Righteousness
Hadinah TBD
Hadiqa Walled Garden,Secure
Hadiqah Garden
Hadisa TBD
Hadiya Gift,Guide To Righteousness,Fem. Of Hadi,Leader
Hadiyah Guide To Righteousness,A Gift From God ; A Righteous Woman,Calm
Hadiyya Gift In Arabic,Gift
Hadiyyah A Gift,Gift
Hadiza One With No Desire
Hadjara Variant of Arabic Hajar, meaning 'forsaken.'
Hadya To Guide,Gift,Present,Sing. Of Hadaya,Variant Of Arabic Hadiyya,Well-behaved,Religious Guide
Hadyah Calm; Guide; Leader; Quiet
Hadyl Cooing; Cooing Of Pigeons
Haeda A Woman Who Repents A Lot
Haefa Delicate
Haefah Delicate
Haelah Haelah Is An Arabic Name For Girls That Means Extremely Beautiful,Gorgeous,Literally Meaning Exceptional,Extraordinary,Tremendous
Haemah Crazy In Love
Haezal Leader; The Colour Of Rising Sun
Hafa Gentle Rain
Hafeeda Protect
Hafeefa All Of Good
Hafeela TBD
Hafeena TBD
Hafeera Beautiful
Hafeeza Guardian,Protector,Fem,Feminine Of Hafeez
Hafeezah Keeper Of The Sacred Book
Haffafa Glittering,Shining,Thin,Peaceful,Gentle Wind
Haffifa TBD
Hafia Loveable
Hafida Protect
Hafifa TBD
Hafifah Hafifah Is An Arabic Name For Girls That Means Rustle,Swish,The Sound Of Wind Moving Through Trees
Hafija One Who Taking Of Care
Hafila Keeper Of The Quran; Gift Of God
Hafina Lots Of Things In Hand
Hafira TBD
Hafisa TBD
Hafisah Honour
Hafisha Honour
Hafiya Kind
Hafiza Honorific Title Of A Woman,Protected
Hafizah Heedful,Mindful,Guardian,Protector,Successful
Hafizat Protector
Hafizha One Who Taking Care Of
Hafna Lots Of Things In Hand
Hafnah Lots Of Things In Hand
Hafs To Collect,To Rest
Hafsa Baby Lion,Young Lioness,Moon,Beautiful,Young Fierce Woman,Wife Of The Prophet,Cub,Wife Of Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W.and Daughter Of Hazrat Umar [ra],Sound Judgement,Gathering,Brooding Hen
Hafsa/Ucha The Name Of Wife Of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
Hafsah A Wife Of The Prophet (S.A.W),Wife Of The Prophet,Arabic: Original Meaning Unknown; Hafsah,In History,Was Such A Trusted Wife Of The Prophet Mohammed That,After His Death,She,To Collect,To Rest,Married To The Prophet,Wife Of Prophet Muhammad,Gathering
Hafsahh Young Lioness
Hafsana Beauty
Hafsara Paradise Woman
Hafseen Beautiful
Hafsha Young Lioness
Hafshah Young Lioness
Hafsin Beautiful
Hafsina Beautiful
Hafsiya Intelligent
Haftha One Who Is Protected By God
Hafthah Preserved,Protected
Hafza Variant of Arabic Hafsa, meaning 'gathering.'
Hafzah Good Judgement
Hafzana TBD
Hagar A Stranger,One That Fears,Forsaken,Flight Or A Stranger
Hagara Forsaken; Flight
Hager Travel
Hagi One Who Has Been Abandoned
Hagir Variant of Arabic Hajar, meaning 'forsaken.'
Haia Very Very Bad Germs
Haiba Charm
Haibaa Haibaa Is An Arabic Name For Girls That Means Greatness,Majesty,Gravity. It Is A Variant Of Haibah,Giant And Strong
Haibah Haibah Is An Arabic Name For Girls That Means Greatness,Majesty,Gravity,Solemnity
Haida Haida Is A Persian Name For Girls That Means Clear,Lucid,Apparent,Heart
Haidarah Haidarah Is An Arabic Name For Girls That Means Lioness
Haideh Repentant
Haidha Heart
Haifa Slender,Of Beautiful Body,Slim,Variant Of Arabic Hayfa,,Well-shaped,Delicate
Haifaa Beautiful Body,Slender
Haifah Delicate
Haijuman Large Pearl
Haika Beauty
Haimi Golden,Goddess Parvati,Snow
Haina Beautiful Flower
Hainah TBD
Haiqa True,Truly,Obedient Of God,Prayer Of God,Prayer Of Go
Haira Stone Like Diamond
Hairah A Narrator Of Hadith
Hairia Stone Like Diamond
Hairin God Gifted; Most Beautiful
Hairuneesa TBD
Hairunnisa TBD
Haisa Gold
Haisha TBD
Haiya Heart
Haiza Royalty,Royal Person
Haizyn TBD
Haja Person Who Loves Nature
Hajar Wife Of Prophet Ibrahim (A.S),Name Of The Wife Of The Prophet Ibrahim,Mother Of Prophet Ismael,Wife Of Prophet Ibrahim,Immigrant,Forsaken
Hajarah Very Hot Afternoon
Hajeera Joy Love Beauty
Hajer Traveller; One Who Migrates