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Fardin Meaning

Name Fardin
Meaning One Who Has Triple Strength,First Month Of The Parsi Year When The Sun Is In Aries
Gender Boy
Lucky Number 7

Meaning of فردین in Urdu

ایک جو ٹرپل طاقت رکھتا ہے ، پارسی سال کا پہلا مہینہ جب سورج میشوں میں ہوتا ہے

Meaning of Fardin in Hindi

जो ट्रिपल शक्ति है, पारसी वर्ष का पहला महीना जब सूर्य मेष राशि में होता है

Meaning of Fardin in Bangla

যার ট্রিপল শক্তি রয়েছে, পার্সি বছরের প্রথম মাস যখন সূর্য মেষে থাকে

Lucky Number : 7

Spirituality, Self-introspection and all the activities associated with the spiritual awakening are clung with this number. It indicates the journey to know yourself better and enlighten your soul. Number 7 is the representation of higher wisdom and intellectual consciousness.

Number 7 is the omen of good opportunities and profits that may come when you trust your intuition. Negatively, the number gives you indications about the depression, mental turmoil, saturation, self-righteousness, and pride.

Fardin is Muslim name which means - One Who Has Triple Strength,First Month Of The Parsi Year When The Sun Is In Aries. Name Fardin Found in following countries- Afghan,Algerian,Bahraini,Bangladeshi,Comoran,Egyptian,Emirati,Indonesian,Iraqi,Jordanian,Kuwaiti,Libyan,Malaysian,Moroccan,Pakistani,Palestinian,Qatari,Somalian,Syrian,Tunisian,Indian.