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Name Meaning of Heena in English, Urdu, Hindi & Bangla

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Meaning Heena

Name Heena
Meaning Mehendi,Fragrance,Henna,Myrtle
Gender Girl
Lucky Number 6

Meaning of ہینا in Urdu

مہندی ، خوشبو ، ہینا ، میرٹل

Meaning of Heena in Hindi

मेहंदी, खुशबू, मेंहदी, Myrtle

Meaning of হীনা in Bangla

Mehendi, সুবাস, মেহেদি, মেদিগাছ

Lucky Number : 6

Number 6 is the number of hearts. A person with this numerology number always keeps the heart before the mind. It’s energy focuses on the selfless decision and enables the person to remain family oriented throughout his/her life.

The people with the number 6 energy are often seen teaching and guiding others. Number 6 is the sign that now is the time to get rid of all your negative energy and follow kindness, self- sabotage and idealistic behavior.

Heena is Muslim name which means - Mehendi,Fragrance,Henna,Myrtle. Name Heena Found in following countries- Afghan,Algerian,Bahraini,Bangladeshi,Comoran,Egyptian,Emirati,Indonesian,Iraqi,Jordanian,Kuwaiti,Libyan,Malaysian,Moroccan,Pakistani,Palestinian,Qatari,Somalian,Syrian,Tunisian,Indian.