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New Born Unique and Beautiful Muslim Girl Names by M. Get Muslim Baby Girl Names That Starts From Alphabet M

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Muslim Boy Names Alphabetically


Name Meaning
Maherusha TBD
Mahesha Lord Shiva
Mahevish TBD
Mahezabi Intelligent
Mahezabin Intelligent
Mahezbin Intelligent
Mahfam Mahfam Is A Persian Name For Girls That Means Moon-colored,Thus Meaning Beautiful And Radiant
Mahfi Forgiveness
Mahfida TBD
Mahfoodha TBD
Mahfooza Safeguarded,Well-protected,Fem. Of Mahfooz,Feminine Of Mahfooz
Mahfouza TBD
Mahfuja Safe; Protected
Mahfuza Protected
Mahfuzah The Protected One
Mahgol Mahgol Is A Persian Name For Girls That Means Moon Flower,Flower Of The Moon,Thus Meaning Beautiful And Radiant
Mahi The World,Great Earth,Heaven And Earth Conjoined
Mahia Life And Alive
Mahibah Noble,Respected
Mahida Mahida Is An Indirect Quranic Name For Girls That Means Bringer Of Ease,One Who Comforts Others,One Who Makes Things Even And Uniform. It Is Derived From The M-H26-D Root Which Is Used In Many Places In The Quran
Mahin Fine,Subtle,Thin,Greatest,Related To The Moon
Mahinaw TBD
Mahindokht Mahindokht Is A Persian Name For Girls That Means Moon-like Girl,Figuratively Meaning Beautiful
Mahine Greatest,Related To The Moon,Earth
Mahinoor Light Of The World
Mahinur Light Of The World
Mahira A Clever And Adroit Woman,Skilled,Skilful,Proficient,Energetic,Fem. Of Mahir,Superemely Talented,Gifted,Expert,Lively
Mahirah Adept,Expert
Mahirra TBD
Mahisha The World; Similar To Mahi
Mahiz Beautiful Princess
Mahjabeen Powerful
Mahjabeena Radiant; Beautiful As The Moon
Mahjabi Intelligent
MahJabin Beautiful,Brow Like The Moon
Mahjabina Radiant,Beautiful
Mahjbeen Intelligent
Mahjooba Hidden,Covered,Screened,Feminine Of Mahjoob
Mahkameh TBD
Mahlagha Face Of The Moon
Mahlagna TBD
Mahlah From Mahala
Mahlaqa Beautiful Angel
Mahlegha Face Of The Moon
MahLiqa Moon-like (Face)
Mahmooda Praiseworthy,Elegant,Lauded
Mahmoodah Praiseworthy; Praised; Elegant,Praised,Elegant,Praiseworthy
MahmoodatunNisa Praised (One) Of The Women
Mahmoode Praised,Commendable
Mahmuda Praised One,Praiseworthy
Mahmudah Commendable,Praised
Mahmude Praised,Commendable
Mahmudee Praised,Commendable
Mahmunir Radiant Moon; Beautiful
Mahnaaz TBD
Mahnaz Glory Of The Moon
Mahneera First Born Of A Pair
Mahnisa Mah (Moon
Mahnoor Light Of The Moon,Moonlight
Mahnoosh TBD
Mahor Ancient Coins
Mahparah Piece Of Moon
Mahra Horse; Beauty
Mahreema Moon
Mahreen Bright And Beautiful As The Sun
Mahrine Beloved One; Sun / Moon
Mahrish TBD
Mahrokh Beautiful,One Whose Face Is Like The Moon
Mahroofa TBD
Mahrose TBD
Mahrosh Piece Of Moon,Pleasant
Mahrou Mahrou Is A Persian Name For Girls That Means Beautiful,Radiant,Moon-like
Mahrouz Mahrouz Is A Persian Name For Girls That Means Daytime Moon,Figuratively Meaning Beautiful
Mahroz One Who Has A Face Like Moon
Mahru Having Face Like The Moon
Mahruba Decor Of Head
Mahrukh Face Like A Moon,Beautiful,Whose Face Is Bright Like A Moon,Face As Bright As The Moon
Mahrukhsar Mahrukhsar Is A Persian Name For Girls That Means Beautiful,Radiant,Literally Meaning Moon-faced,Moon-like
Mahruma TBD
Mahrunisa Pretty Woman
Mahrusah Mahrusah Is An Arabic Name For Girls That Means Guarded,Protected
Mahsa Mahsa Is A Persian Name For Girls That Means Moon-like,Thus Meaning Beautiful,Like The Moon
Mahsan Mahsan Is A Persian Name For Girls That Means Moon-like,Thus Meaning Beautiful
Mahsati Moon Lady
Mahshad Mahshad Is A Persian Name For Girls That Means Happy Moon,Happy And Like The Moon,Thus Meaning Happy And Beautiful
Mahsheed Moon,Moonlight
Mahsima Mahsima Is A Persian Name For Girls That Means Moon-like,Figuratively Meaning Beautiful
Mahsina Humanitarian; Helpful
Mahsooma TBD
Mahsumah Mahsumah Is An Arabic Name For Girls That Means Decided,Determined,Resolved,Settled
Mahsunah Mahsunah Is An Arabic Name For Girls That Means Beautified,Improved
Mahta Moon Like,One Resembling The Moon
Mahtab Moon,Moonlight
Mahtaban Mahtaban Is A Persian Name For Girls That Means Shining Moon,Radiant Moon,Figuratively Meaning Beautiful
Mahtaj Mahtaj Is A Persian Name For Girls That Means Beautiful,From The Words Mah (moon) And Taj (crown),Literally Meaning Crown Of The Moon,Figuratively Meaning The Most Beautiful Among The Beautiful Ones
Mahteab The Moon
Mahtob Moonlight
Mahua An Intoxicating Flower
Mahulah Mahulah Is An Arabic Name For Girls That Means Gorgeous,Extremely Beautiful
Mahum Moon's Light
Mahvar Mahvar Is A Persian Name For Girls That Means Beautiful,Radiant,Literally Meaning Moon-like
Mahvash Mahvash Is A Persian Name For Girls That Means Beautiful Like The Moon,Radiant Like The Moon,Moon-like,A Beauty
Mahveen Light Of The Sun
Mahvera Like A Moon
Mahvin Sunlight; Light Of Sun
Mahvish Moon-face
Mahween TBD
Mahweesh Beautiful Like A Moon
Mahwish Beautiful Like The Moon,Moon-faced,Beautiful As Moon,Like Moon
Mahwush As Beautiful As The Moon
Mahya Life
Mahyaa Life; Life-time
Mahyas Mahyas Is A Persian Name For Girls That Means Jasmine Of The Moon,Moon Jasmine,Figuratively Means Extremely Beautiful
Mahzabeen Will Power; Beautiful; Spiritual
Mahzabi Intelligent; Beautiful As The Moon
Mahzabin Will Power; Spiritual
Mahzaib Beautiful Like Moon
Mahzala Brightness Of Moon
Mahzbin Spiritual
Mahzina TBD
Mahzoza Having A Good Luck
Mahzuza TBD
Maiara Sage
Maida Beautiful,Dining Table,A Chapter Of Quran,Maiden,Woman From Magdala
Maidah Unmarried Woman; Young
Maidan Name Of The Tutor Of The Family Of Ziyad Ibn Abih At Basrah And Then At Kufah,He Was Called Al-fil Because Of The Elephant His Master Had Given
Maiesha Grace; Desirable As The Moon
Maihfuza TBD
Maikasha TBD
Mailiha Beautiful,The One With Darker Shade
Maimana Right,Right-hand Side,Right Wing (of Army)
Maimanah Blessedness
Maimona Patient
Maimoona Auspicious; Blessed,Auspicious,Prosperous,Lucky,Fortunate,Blessed Fem. Of Maimoon,Blessed,Safe,Trustworthy
Maimoona, Maymunah Auspicious,Blessed; A Wife Of The Prophet
Maimoonah Blessed; Of Good Fortune
Maimouna One Who Is Trustworthy,Add Meaning
Maimuna One Who Is Trustworthy,Lucky,Blessed,Safe,Trustworthy
Maimunah Wife Of Prophet Muhammad
Maimuneesa TBD
Maimunnisa TBD
Maina A Bird
Mainu Precious Stone; A Gem
Maira Moon,Favourable,Admirable,Beloved,Sea Of Bitterness,Rebelliousness,Wished For Child,Similar To Mary Bitter
Mairaah Moon
Mairah Love; Moon
Maireena TBD
Mairin Star Of The Easy,Form Of Maureen
Mairina Beloved Of Amun; Little Mary
Mais A Gait Filled With Proud (Proud Gait)
Maisa Walking With Proud Swinging Gait,Walking With A Proud,Swinging Gait
Maisaa To Walk With A Proud Swinging Gait,To Walk With A Proud,Swinging Gait
Maisah Walking With A Proud,Swinging Gait,Walking With A Proud Swinging Gait
Maisah, Maisa Walking With A Proud,Swinging Gait
Maisara Ease,Comfort,Prosperity,Abundance
Maisarah Wealth,Richness
Maisha Pretty
Maishaa Grace,Life,Flexible
Maishara TBD
Maison Beautiful
Maisoon Of Beautiful Face And Body
Maisoora Ease Successful,Fortunate,Lucky,Prosperous Fem. Of Maisoor,Ease,Successful,Prosperous,Feminine Of Maisoor
Maisoun TBD
Maissa Slender
Maisun (maysoon) Meaning,Mason,Architect
Maitha Fertile Garden
Maithah Maithah Is An Arabic Name For Girls That Means Flat Land,Plain
Maiyasa TBD
Maiyra Admirable,Wonderful
Maiyy Servant,Slave
Maiza Arabic For Distinguisher,One Who Distinguishes Between Good And Bad,Or Between Truth And Falsehood,Beauty
Maizah Discerning
Maizal Honesty
Maizza Respecting Others
Maja Sea Of Bitterness,Rebelliousness Wished For Child,Nurse,Great,Great Mother
Majabein TBD
Majah Beloved Of Amun,Pregnant
Majal Majal Is An Arabic Name For Boys And Girls That Means Chance,Opportunity. It Also Means Domain,Scope,Area Of Knowledge,Its Literal Meaning Is Space,Room,Elbowroom,Range,Opportunity
Majalisa Meaningful Ceremony
Majalyn TBD
Majalynn TBD
Majda Glory,Honour,Nobility,Psychopath,Glorious
Majdah Majdah Is An Arabic Name For Girls That Means Praiseworthy,Commendable,Glorious. It Is A Variant Of Majidah
Majdia Beautiful And Sweet
Majdiya Glorious
Majdiyah Majdiyah Is An Arabic Name For Boys That Means Praiseworthy,Commendable,Glorious
Majdiyya Praiseworthy,Glorious
Majeeda Glorious,Noble,Sublime,Exalted,,Respected,Fem. Of Majeed,Eternal,Powerful
Majeedah Noble; Exalted,Glorious,Honorable,Generous,Splendid
Majeena TBD
Majha Name Of A Sahabi Who Participated In The Battle Of Badr
Majiba Pleasing; Respondent
Majida Glorious,Arabic: Glorious,Noble,Respected,Exalted,Fem. Of Majid,Splendid,Glory
Majidaa Majidaa Is An Arabic Name For Girls That Means Praiseworthy,Laudable. It Is A Variant Of Majidah