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Palestinian Baby Boy Names Starting With T

New Born Unique and Beautiful Palestinian Boy Names by T. Get Palestinian Baby Boy Names That Starts From Alphabet T

List of Muslim baby names of Palestinian origin. Names are listed Alphabetically and gender-wise. There are many religions in Palestinian origin, but our website is dedicated to Helping parents of the Muslim Community to choose baby names for newborn kids. Choose the best name from the list below for your little one.

Palestinian Girl Names Alphabetically


Palestinian Boy Names Alphabetically


Name Meaning
Taa’ibah One Who Refrains From Evil-doings; Repentant
Taabid Brightness; Shine; Glitter
Taabish One Who Behaves Well,Warmth,Brilliance
Taafeef A Good Hymn Of God,Praise,Hymn Of God,Recognition
Taaha Name Of The Surah In Holy Quran
Taahaa Name Of A Surah In The Holy Qur’aan
Taahid To Console,To Guard
Taahir Pure; Chaste; Pious; Clean; Name Of A Sahaabi (RA),Chaste,Modest,Pure
Taahir Chaste,Modest
Taai Obedient,Willing
Taaib Repentant
Taair Bird
Taaj Crown
Taaj-Al-Din Crown Of The Faith
Taajuddeen TBD
Taajuddin Crown Of The Religion
Taajul Crown Of Islam
Taajwar One Who Has Power To Rule A Kingdom,King,Crowned
Taalib A Seeker; An Enquirer; A Lover,Seeker Of,Candidate,Student
Taalid Old Glory And Fame
Taaliq To Comment On Something
Taamir One Who Knows Dates
Taan Power
Taanish Good,Ambition
Taaqib Glistening,Piercing
Taaraz Powerful,Strong
Taariq The Morning Star; A Night Traveler,Night-comer,Morning Star
Taatheer One Who Is Successful In Producing A Desired Result,Effectiveness,Impression
Tab Drummer,Brilliant,Shining
Tabaarak A Highly Respected And Blessed Soul,Hallowed,Magnified
Taban Resplendent,Glittering,Shining
Tabarak Hallowed,Magnified
Tabari A Famous Historian,Famous Muslim Historian
Tabarik One Who Is Highly Exalted,To Be Magnified Greatly
Tabarus TBD
Tabary One Who Remembers
Tabassum Smiling,Smile; A Silent Laugh Where The Lips Do Not Part,Happiness
Tabat TBD
Tabb Brilliant,Shining,Drummer
Tabbar Familiar
Tabby TBD
Tabdar Warm,Bright,Luminous
Tabeed One Who Shines Like A Glitter,Glitter,Curve,Shine,Brightness
Tabeel Good God
Tabeen Followers,Those Who Believe,Fans
Tabib Arabic: Physician
Tabid Shine; Glitter; Brightness
Tabin Follower
Tabish Heat,Brilliancy,Warmth
Tabnak Hot,Bright
Tabraiz Generous
Tabrej Challenging; Showing Openly
Tabrez Challenging,Showing Openly,Fast And Furious
Tabrid To Cool
Tabriz Intelligent
Tabseer Tabseer Is An Arabic Name For Boys And Girls That Means Enlightenment,Education,To Give Insight
Tabsheer A Person Who Brings Good News
Tabur One Who Remembers
Tadees Brilliant
Tadris Tadris Is An Arabic Name For Boys And Girls That Means To Study,To Research,To Look Into
Taemin Beautiful; Shine
Taemur A Famous King,Iron
Tafadhdhal Favour,Obligation
Tafadhdhul Courteiusness; Fovour; Kindness
Tafaf Tafaf Is A Aarabic Name For Boys That Means Sundown,The Time Before Sunset
Tafali Tafali Is An Arabic Name For Boys That Is An Attribution To Tafal,Which Means Sundown (the Time Before Sunset). It Also Means Sunup (the Time After Sunrise When The Sun Starts To Rise In The Sky)
Tafazzul Courteousness,Favour Kindness,Beneficence
Tafazzul-Husain Favour Of Husain
TafazzulHusain Favour Of Husain
Tafdheel Prefer; To Give Precedence
Tafeef Recognition; Praise
Tafheem Undersanding,Knowledge,Know-how,Understanding
Tafhim Elaborate,Illustrate
Tafif Allah Help
Tafiur A Wise Man
Tafli Tafli Is An Arabic Name For Boys And Girls Means Soft And Delicate,Gentle
Tafran Wonder
Tafsir Interpretation
Tafzil Kinds Of God
Tafzul TBD
Taghlib Taghlib Is An Arabic Name For Boys That Means They Win,They Triumph,They Defeat Their Enemies. It Is The Name Of A Tribe Of Arabia Known For Their Courageousness And Fighting Ability
Taha Name Of A Surah In The Quran,Mystic Letters At The Beginning Of Surat Taha,From Which The Sura Derives Its Title,Best,Pure,Skilful,Another Name For The Prophet Muhammad,Pious,Name Of A Surah In Holy Quran
Tahaam Strong
Tahaan Merciful
Tahan Beseeching; Merciful
Tahani Tahani Is An Arabic Name For Boys And Girls That Means Congratulations,To Congratulate Someone For Something Good That Has Happened To Them
Tahannud Tahannud Is An Arabic Name For Boys That Means Gentleness,Friendliness
Tahar Virtuous
Tahaw-wur Bravery: Boldness; To Plunge Into Some Task Without Reluctance
Tahawwur Rashness,Temerity,Intrepidity
Tahbeer Decorate,Beautify
Taheem Pure
Taheer Pure,Chaste,Clean,Unsullied
Taheir Virtuous; Pure; Chaste
Taher Pure,Chaste,Clean
Taherran TBD
Tahi Praising To God
Tahib Watchful
Tahid Intelligent
Tahier Chaste; Pure; Virtuous
Tahil Royal Son Of Jaya
Tahim Pure
Tahir Pure,Clean,Chaste,Modest,Virtuous,Pious,Chest,Holy,Innocent,Unsullied,Untouched,From Muslim
Tahiyyan TBD
Tahiz Powerful; Strong
Tahleem Ornament,Beauty
Tahm Brave; Valiant
Tahmed Praise,Son Of God
Tahmeed Allahs Servant,Praise,Appreciation,Recitation Of Good Will
Tahmid Thanks To The Graceful And Merciful Allah,Praising Allah,Saying Al-Hamdulillah
Tahmin Powerful
Tahmouress Name Of A Persian King
Tahoor Purity,Rashness
Tahrim Prohibition
Tahrir Tahrir Is An Arabic Name For Boys And Girls That Means Liberation,To Free Someone/something
Tahsan TBD
Tahseen Acclaim,Appreciation,Beautification ; One Who Is Praised
Tahsif TBD
Tahsiin Improvement,Getting Better
Tahsin Beautification,Adornment,Ornament,Decoration,Embellishment,Betterment,Pure
Tahu Arabic: Pure; One Who Is Pure In Himself And Who Purifies Others; Spelling Variant Of Taher. Tahu Also Refers To Anything Used To
Tahwil Alteration; Conversion; Change
Tahzeeb Tahzeeb Is An Arabic Name For Boys And Girls That Means Purification,Refinement,Rectification,Edification,Civilization
Tahzif TBD
Taib Repentant,Penitent,Very Good Person
Taiban TBD
Taibor Drum
Taibur Variant Of Taimur,A Famous King
Taieb TBD
Taif Vision,Specter,Spectre
Taifan TBD
Taifuddin TBD
Taifur Vision Of The Merciful I.e. Allah
Taifur-Rahman Vision Of The Merciful (Allah)
TaifurRahman Vision Of The Merciful (Allah)
Taihan Taihan Is An Indirect Quranic Name For Boys That Means So Vast That You Can Get Lost In It. Taihan Is Derived From The T-Y-H26 Root Which Is Used In Verse 5:26 Of The Quran
Taijul Crown Of Islam
Taim Allah Servant Of Allah
Taim Allah, Taym Allah Servant Of God
Taim-Allah Servant Of God
Taimallah Servant Of Allah,Servant Of God
Taimaz Taimaz Is A Turkish Name For Boys That Means Firm,Established
Taimim The Perfect One
Taimoor (Made Of) Steel,The King Of The Kings
Taimoor-Ali King Of Kings
TaimoorKhan TBD
Taimor Iron
Taimullah Servant Of Allah
Taimur Iron,A Famous King
Tain Stream; New Moon
Taiseer TBD
Taisif TBD
Taisiir Facility
Taisir Making Easy,Facilitating,Simplification
Taiyab Clean; Innocent Person
Taiyan Sweet,Simple
Taizeen Encouragement
Taj Crown,Jewel
Taj al Din Crown Of The Faith
Taj Udinn Crown Of Religion
Taj-al-Din Crown Of The Faith
Taj-Bakhsh King Maker
TajAlDin Crown Of The Faith
Tajammal Beautiful
Tajammul Dignity,Magnificence,Pomp,Beauty
Tajammul-Husain Adornment Of Hussain
TajammulHusain Adornment Of Hussain
Tajbakhsh King Maker
Tajdar Ruler,King,Emperor,Royal Member,Crowned
Tajeddin One Who Wears The Religious Crown,Add Meaning
Tajim Respect
Tajin King Of The Tribe
Tajmmul TBD
Tajub TBD
Tajuddeen Crown Of The Religion
Tajuddin Crown Of The Religion (Islam),Crown Of The Religion
Tajudeen TBD
Tajudinn Crown Of Religion
Tajul Crown Of Islam
Tajul Islam Crown Of Islam
Tajul-Islam Crown Of Islam
TajulIslam Crown Of Islam
Tajwar King,Ruler,Emperor,Royal Person,Crowned
Takbir To Glorify God
Takeef TBD
Takfren One Who Is Born To Help The Needy,Add Meaning
Taki God Fearing,From Swahili
Takieddin TBD
Takiuddin TBD
Takleef Takleef Is An Arabic Name For Boys That Means To Give Someone An Assignment/burden/task/duty
Taklim Speech
Takreem Arabic For To Honor,To Respect,To Treat With Grace
Tal Dew,Rain
Talaab Talaab Is An Arabic Name For Boys That Means Sought After,Desired
Talaat Apearance Of Sun,Appearance Of Sun