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Palestinian Baby Girl Names Starting With T

New Born Unique and Beautiful Palestinian Girl Names by T. Get Palestinian Baby Girl Names That Starts From Alphabet T

List of Muslim baby names of Palestinian origin. Names are listed Alphabetically and gender-wise. There are many religions in Palestinian origin, but our website is dedicated to Helping parents of the Muslim Community to choose baby names for newborn kids. Choose the best name from the list below for your little one.

Palestinian Girl Names Alphabetically


Palestinian Boy Names Alphabetically


Name Meaning
Tarib Lively; Gleeful; Merry
Tarifa Rare
Tariqa The Spiritual Way,Name Of A Star
Tariqah This Was The Name Of The Freed Slave Of Labeet Of The Family Of The Princes Of Al-Qays Bin Zayd (AN)
Tarmeen TBD
Tarneem Voice; Rhythm
Tarnnum Beautiful
Tarnpreet Sweetness Of Music; Sign Of Love
Taroob Merry
Taroub Gleeful
Tarqiyah Ascension
Tarrannum A Flower; Melody; Beautiful
Tarranum Beautiful; Melody
Tarsa Worshipper Of Fire
Tarub Merry
Taruh Arabic: Happy,Remote,Forsaken; One Who Examines Things Carefully Then Offers Them Up For Discussion
Tarwiz TBD
Tarz Music; Rhythm
Tasa Resurrection
Tasaad She Becomes Happy
Tasarrun TBD
Tasavur Imaginary Picture
Tasbia TBD
Tasbiha TBD
Tasbiya Gift From God; Allah Ka Taufa
Taseefa Clever,Smart
Taseem Salute Of Praise
Taseena Appreciation
Tasfia Solver,Cleanliness,Intelligent
Tasfiah Solver; Light In Darkness
Tasfiya Filtration; Purifying
Tasfiyah Purifying
Tashaffi TBD
Tasheefa TBD
Tasheen Ever Ambitious
Tashena Princess Of The Kingdom
Tashfa TBD
Tashfeen Sympathetic; Kind
Tashfia Goodness; Sweet Hearts
Tashfiyah TBD
Tashifa Smart; Clever
Tashiya TBD
Tashmiya TBD
Tashni TBD
Tashnia Born To Win
Tashnima TBD
Tashrifa TBD
Tashveer Beautiful Portrait
Tasifa Smart,Clever
Tasika Happiness; Glow
Tasima Respect; Honour
Tasiyah Consolation; Comfort
Taskeen Peace,Taskeen Is An Arabic Name For Boys And Girls That Means Serenity,Tranquility
Taskia TBD
Taskina Tranquillity; Peace
Tasleem Little Star
Tasleema Greeting
Tasleemah Salutation,Greeting,Resignation
Taslima Greeting,Salutation
Taslin Beautiful; Wonderful
Tasliyah TBD
Tasliymah Peace
Tasmaira TBD
Tasmania TBD
Tasmeea TBD
Tasmeekh Living In Fragrance
Tasmeem Strong
Tasmeen One Having Good Qualities
Tasmeena One Having Good Qualities
Tasmia Bismillah,Giving Name
Tasmiah TBD
Tasmiha TBD
Tasmila TBD
Tasmin She Who Fulfills
Tasmina One Who Fulfils
Tasmira Tasmira Is An Arabic Name For Boys That Means Investment. It Can Also Mean Blossom,Fruit,The Good Things And Profits That Come From Something
Tasmiya Name Of Allah
Tasnavi Piece Of Gold
Tasneam Water In Heaven
Tasneem Fountain Of Paridise,A Heavenly Fountain
Tasneema A Spring In Paradise
Tasni A River In Heaven
Tasnia Admirable; Waterfall Of Heaven
Tasniah Praise
Tasnim Fountain Of Paradise,Fountain In Paradise
Tasnima Fountain Of Paradise
Tasnime From The Fountain Of Paradise
Tasnuba Fragments Of Heaven
Tasnuva Piece Of Gold,Genius Fairy
Taspia Gift From God
Tasqeen Tranquillity; Peace
Tasreen TBD
Tasrin Beauty
Tasrina TBD
Tasriqa Seeing To Right Way
Tasteer Tasteer Is An Arabic Name For Boys And Girls That Means To Write,To Author,To Draw
Tasweeb Justification,Truth
Tasweer Tasweer Is An Arabic Name For Boys And Girls That Means To Picture,To Describe. It Also Means To Paint
Tathbeet Reinforcement,Stabilisation
Tatheer Purifier,One Who Purifies
Tatheerah TBD
Tatiana Fairy Princess,Fairy Queen
Taufeeq Instruction; Courage; Daring
Taufeer Excess
Taufica Prosperity; Success
Taufika Success; Prosperity
Taufiqa Prosperity,Success
Taufiqaa Prosperity; Success
Tauheed Victorious
Tauhida TBD
Tauqeera TBD
Tauqeerah Respect
Tauret Mythical Goddess Of Pregnant Women
Taurisha TBD
Taushiba TBD
Tausi Peacock
Tausiah TBD
Tausiba TBD
Tausifa One Who Should Be Praised
Tavinda Brightness
Tawa A Religious Person
Tawadud Tawadud Is An Arabic Name For Boys And Girls That Means Love,Affection
Tawaf Tawaf Is An Indirect Quranic Name For Boys And Girls That Means Circumambulation,The Circular Walking Around The Kaaba During The Haj Proceedings. It Is Derived From The T16-W-F Root Which Is Used In Many Places In The Quran
Tawaqur Tawaqur Is An Arabic Name For Boys And Girls That Means Calm,Composure,Solemnity,Poise,Self-possession
Tawba Repentance
Tawbaat Tawbaat Is An Arabic Name For Girls That Means Repentance,It Is The Plural Of Tawbah
Tawbah Repentence,Repentance,Ibn Mudarras Had This Name
Tawfeeqa Reconciliation,Divine Help
Tawfika Success,Prosperity
Tawfiqa Prosperity,Good Luck
Tawfiqah Tawfiqah Is An Arabic Name For Girls That Means Success. It Is The Feminized Form Of The Name Tawfiq
Tawheeda One Who Say La Ilaha Illa Allah
Tawhida Belief In The Oneness Of God
Tawhidah Tawhidah Is An Arabic Name For Girls That Means Monotheism,Belief In The Oneness Of God. It Is The Feminized Form Of The Word Tawhid
Tawilah Tawilah Is An Arabic Name For Girls That Means Tall,Long
Tawlah Tawlah Is An Arabic Name For Girls That Means Elevation,Raised Area Of Land
Tawshi Bird; Beautiful; Wise
Tawsia To Give Commandment
Tawsiyah To Give A Commandment
Tawus Tawus Is An Arabic Name For Boys And Girls That Means Beautiful,It Also Means Area Of Grassland Filled With Flowers. It Is Also The Name Of A Bird Known As A Peacock (more Generally Peafowl) In English
Tawwabah Tawwabah Is An Arabic Name For Girls That Means Repenting,A Girl Or Woman Who Always Repents And Does Not Insist On Sinning
Tawwad Tawwad Is An Arabic Name For Boys And Girls That Means Affection,Love
Tayaba Pleasant; Agreeable; Satisfying
Tayana A Form Of Taya
Tayba Pure; Pleasant; Good
Taybah Pure,Pure; Excellent; Another Name For The Holy City Of Madinah
Tayeba Innocent
Tayebba TBD
Tayeeba Pure
Tayiba Pious; Not Corrupt; Good
Tayibat Tayibat Is An Arabic Name For Girls That Means Good Things,Pure Things,Things Related To Virtue . It Is A Direct Quranic Name Mentioned 21 Times In The Quran. Tayibat Is The Plural Form Of The Name Tayyibah
Tayieba Pure
Tayilah Tayilah Is An Arabic Name For Girls That Means Great,High Of Rank And Status,Power,Generous
Tayma Oasis In Northwest Arabia
Taymah Crash Of Thunder
Taymurah Taymoorah Is A Turkish-Arabic Name For Girls That Means Iron (the Metal). It Is An Arabic Feminine Form Of The Turkish Boy Name Taymur
Taysha Goddess Laxmi
Taysir Arabic: Makes Easier,Simplifies
Taysirah Taysirah Is An Arabic Name For Girls That Means Ease,Facilitation
Tayyaba Pure,Chaste,Generous,Good-natured
Tayyba Pleasant; Pure
Tayyebah Good,Sweet,Agreeable,Pure
Tayyebeh Good Deed
Tayyiba Good,Good-natured,Sweet
Tayyibaat Things Permitted By God
Tayyibah Good,Pleasant,Agreeable
Tayyibatun-Nisa Good-nature
TayyibatunNisa Good-nature (One) Of The Woman
Taza Taza Is An Arabic Name,Taken From Persian,That Means Fresh,New,Active,Happy
Tazana Born Into Royalty; A Princess
Tazayyun Tazayyun Is An Arabic Name For Boys And Girls That Means Beautification,Adorning,The Act Of Beautifying And Adorning Something
Tazeeb One Who Is Educated And Cultured
Tazeen A Decor,Decoration Piece,Beautiful And Radiant
Tazeena Beautiful
Tazim Respect
Tazima Glorification,Exaltation
Tazina Beautiful
Tazkia Special,Unique
Tazkiah Tazkiah Is An Arabic Name For Girls That Means Purification,Improvement,Growth. It Also Means To Pay The Zakat
Tazkiya Unique; Special; Growth
Tazkiyah Growth; Purification
Tazmeen One Having Good Qualities,Nature & Habits
Tazmina One Who Fulfils
Tazmira Blossom; Fruit; Investment
Taznin TBD
Tazreen TBD
Tazrian TBD
Teeha Teeha Is An Indirect Quranic Name For Girls That Means Vast,An Area Of Land Thats So Expansive That It Is Easy To Get Lost In. Teeha Is Derived From The T-Y-H26 Root Which Is Used In Verse 5:26 Of The Quran
Teena Clay,Anointed
Tehama Land Of Madina
Teherir Something Written
Tehfeem TBD
Tehleel TBD
Tehlin TBD
Tehmeed Praise Of Allah (swt)